Handy Tips For Organizing A Live Q&A Session

Whether it’s Facebook Live, Youtube, or another platform, live Q&A sessions are a great way for brands to build their audience and increase their reach. The trick is making sure that your audience has the best experience possible with the tech and can ask questions without any problems or delays.

Here are some tips on how you can make sure that everything runs smoothly during your live Q&A session:

  1. Plan, plan, and plan

The first thing to remember when organizing a Q&A session is that planning is key. It’s the most important part of the process because it helps you organize and structure your session and prepare for it using a live q&a tool.

  • Planning helps you to decide who will be involved in the Q&A. This might include yourself, your co-founder(s), or employees from each department of your business.
  • Planning helps you decide what format each person’s contribution should take – whether it’s hosting an open forum or running through pre-prepared questions with one person at a time.
  • Planning helps you work out how long each segment should last so that everyone gets their say without leaving anyone feeling rushed or ignored (and vice versa).
  1. Choose the format

The format of your Q&A session may vary depending on the audience and their preference, but here are some options that work well for most people:

  • Live chat (via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Slack)
  • LIVE video (via YouTube, Facebook live)
  • LIVE teleconference (through Skype or Google Hangouts)
  • LIVE webinar (via GoToWebinar)
  1. Be clear about the date, time, and format

It is important to be clear about the date, time, and format of your live Q&A session. You can send out a notice to your audience or post it on your social media channels or website. You should ensure that the date, time, and format are convenient for you and your audience.

  1. Ask to be introduced

Asking to be introduced can be a little intimidating, but it’s worth it. Here’s how you do it:

  • Start your introduction with something like, “Hi there! I’m [your name].”
  • Next, introduce yourself and the topic at hand—for example: “I’m [your name], and we’re here to talk about…”
  • Then take a moment to explain what you’ll be talking about during the session—it helps make sure everyone’s on the same page and ready for questions!
  • Next, ask if there are any questions before launching into the Q&A portion of your session. This is where most people get lost in thought or feel awkward asking questions because no one else has yet asked one. Instead of worrying about whether someone else will ask first, just go ahead and ask them yourself.
  1. Follow up after the live Q&A session
  • Once your Q&A has wrapped, it’s time to start thinking about the next steps in your campaign. You’ll want to thank everyone who attended, ask for feedback, and share any interesting facts that came out of it.

Make sure you update your blog with links to all of the questions and answers from the session, so people can go back through them if they missed anything. Share links on social media and include them in any future newsletters and blog posts so that people can find them easily.


As you can see, there are many different ways to organize a live Q&A session. The key is to find what works best for your business and make it happen. Still doubtful? Get along with Votemo and watch all your queries go away.

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Your Complete Guide For Nailing Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the best ways to market your product or service. You don’t have to go through traditional channels, such as print or broadcast media, and you can reach your target audience directly. However, marketing online is much more than posting a few ads on social media sites and waiting for people to come knocking at your door.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to understand mis on digiturundus and get it right, but with these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to turning heads in no time.

Make Your Website Easy to Use

Visitors to your website should be able to find what they need quickly and easily. Make sure your site is:

  • Mobile-friendly: People are using their phones more than ever to search for things online — make sure your site looks great on a mobile device.
  • Secure: Make sure you have the latest security protocols in place to protect visitors from hackers and viruses.
  • Fast: If it takes more than five seconds for a page on your website to load, people will click away in frustration (and never come back).

Don’t Neglect Mobile Marketing

You need to be aware of the importance of mobile marketing and its impact on your business. Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming the go-to medium for consumers, as they rely on their phones much more than they do computers or tablets. As a result, it’s crucial that you optimize your website for mobile use so that users can easily browse through pages at their convenience.

Mobile optimization can be done in several ways:

  • Remove unnecessary content from the page
  • Optimize font sizes and colors so they are easily readable on small screens
  • Use responsive design so that it automatically adjusts depending on the device being used (for example, having multiple columns appear on the desktop but only one column appear when viewed from a smartphone)

Use social media platforms to your advantage

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business, but it can also be a lot of work and time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some tips:

  • Build your brand on social media by creating an avatar that represents your company and writing compelling content that speaks to your target audience.
  • Stay in touch with customers via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You’ll be able to respond faster than ever before!
  • Promote products and services through sponsored ads on Facebook or Instagram (if they allow them). You could even make an ad video if the budget allows it!

Create a blog

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to build your brand, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads. A blog allows you to focus on creating content and building trust with your audience through social proof. In addition to these benefits, blogging can also help boost SEO rankings and improve lead generation via email marketing campaigns centered around the blog content.

To create a successful blog:

  • Create a blog that focuses on your niche.
  • Create high-quality, informative content that’s relevant to your audience.
  • Make sure your blog is easy to read and navigate.
  • Include a clear call to action in all of your blog posts (e.g., subscribe to our newsletter).
  • Write high-quality, useful content that adds value to your audience.
  • Create an opt-in form (or lead magnet) at the end of each post.


Online marketing is a complicated process that can be difficult to understand, but by following these tips and taking your time with each step, you’ll be on the right track in no time. Get along with Hundred to talk to experts who can guide you about digital marketing.

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Email automation for busy sales teams

Sales prospecting is avery time-consuming and effortful process – and by far the most important element of a sales cycle, especially in B2B. This is how you find and contact new prospects that you can later turn into promising sales opportunities.

And one of the crucial methods salespeople use to scale and streamline their prospecting efforts is email automation. Email automation allows you to send a sequence of these preset emails to potential customers or leads. In other words, you create a sequence of emails that are automatically sent out based on the set schedule.

Email automation tools like Reply allow you to do just that. As a result, you get to reach more people with less effort. Here’s how it all typically works in practice.

Using Reply, you can set up your sequence once and then let the system do all the scut work while you focus on more value-generating aspects of the process, like actual communication with the prospects. Plus, email automation allows you to send highly personalized messages that increase your chances of converting leads into customers.

To do that the system should get the required info about your potential customer This can be obtained from a number of sources either through automated scraping or manual research.

This data might include information like their name and email address. It might also include publicly available info, like their company website or Twitter handle. And finally, it might include more details from third-party sources, like their LinkedIn profile or Crunchbase listing.

Once you have this data on your prospect profiles, Reply will be able to use it to create a personalized message for each potential customer. This message is then sent automatically to each person on your list at the time you specify.

The goal of this type of email automation is to nurture leads down the sales funnel until they are ready to buy. You can also use email automation for prospecting – that is, reaching out to potential customers who don’t know who you are yet. Cold outreach is a great way to get started with email automation because you can automatically send a sequence of introductory emails that introduce yourself and your company.

The second use case for email automation in sales is to use an autoresponder, which is a software that automatically sends out the email replies using pre-determined templates. This typically includes out of office replies but can also be used for more complex scenarios.

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Darren and Mike Believe in the Your Life, Your Rules Motto

A picture of two business owners celebrating the ‘Your Life, Your Rules’ motto from Darren and Mike Dream Team.

Online marketing mentors Darren and Mike decided to move away from the corporate world as many online business owners have in the past. After successfully running their businesses, they started making enough money to go out independently.

Part of their success was sticking by a motto they use for their Darren and Mike online business to this day. With the “Your Life, Your Rules” motto, they believe their platform can work for anyone looking to get started. Breaking down the process into sections makes it easy for newcomers to jump in and learn.

Start an Online Business

Starting an online business seems simple enough, but it’s a significant step towards success. Taking that first step to accomplishing set financial goals starts with beginning this journey.

It doesn’t take much effort to start an online business, but most people have a good idea about a name and the general theme. Even during this very early part of the process, a coach or mentor like Mike and Darren can assist. They help with business names, advice, paperwork, filings, and much more.

Find a Product That People Want to Buy

Millions of products exist that people sell to make money through traditional and online businesses. All it takes is finding a product or two to get started that sells well.

Researching this part of the business takes time, and having access to tools and knowing what to look for can be very beneficial. Working with a mentor can help cut down the more extended parts of the process.

There’s a good chance that out of the initial list of products to sell, only one or two might end up doing well. It’s essential to be realistic early on, as nothing is super simple when creating sustained success.

It’s a lot of trial and error, but once people get the chance to crunch numbers and research, they begin to realize what works for them. Mike and Darren have been through the process; they know what works and doesn’t, making the perfect Darren and Mike Dream Team.

Learn How to Analyze and Improve Online Traffic

Understanding how to analyze online traffic and improve an online business is crucial. A company might have the best product in the world, but it’s still hard to find without proper online traffic.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with analyzing and figuring out ways to increase online traffic. Online business mentors who can do their job know precisely how to handle it.

Build and Monetize a Lead List

Finding a way to monetize as an online business is what puts many entrepreneurs over the top. A lead list will provide those opportunities, but it’s all a matter of maximizing that lead list.

Like anything worth doing, it takes time to build up a valuable lead list. Once an entrepreneur can do that, they can use it to make several different types of sales.

Like many other online businesses, Mike and Darren’s digital business was built through monetization. They have the expertise and experience to help new entrepreneurs grow and monetize their companies.

Access Sales Tools and Systems Needed

A picture of two business owners celebrating the ‘Your Life, Your Rules’ motto from Darren and Mike Dream Team on a business video call


A wealth of sales tools and systems are available for anyone running an online business. Most of them are either free or very inexpensive. This helps keep costs down while also more efficiently analyzing the business.

Darren and Mike do a great job of helping make sense of the sales tools and systems. Instead of wasting time trying to find out what is the best, they already have a great starting point.

Pick the Amount of Time Spent on Running a Business

Some people come to the Darren and Mike online business mentoring website to learn how to run a business on the side. Others want to make this a full-time job. Whatever the case is, the amount of effort put into it usually determines how much revenue comes in.

It’s outstanding for people to love what they currently do. They might want to make a little extra money, so running an online business on the side makes sense. There are only so many hours in the day, so keeping it a part-time job can help.

Those wishing to dive in full-time can do so. Darren and Mike helping make changes depending on each client. Working directly with clients allows the duo to make intelligent decisions with advice. The longer entrepreneurs work with them, the better their understanding of expectations.

Dictate Living Terms

The beauty of running an online business is that every entrepreneur can do things on their terms. This can be for better or worse, but with the right coaching, it usually turns out for the better.

Mike and Darren detail what a person might wish to do to get to their goals. One of the many benefits of working with such a small and dedicated dream team is the ability to customize depending on a person’s goals.

Why Running an Online Business Makes Sense

Ultimately, there are numerous advantages to running an online business. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility to make your own schedule or feeling the freedom of not having a boss, it entices more and more people each year.

Darren and Mike’s Dream Team is built on hard work and determination to help clients build the life and business of their dreams. They know that for many people, a little bit of early coaching can put them on such a different path.

The duo has spent a long time perfecting tips and suggestions for those aspiring to reach realistic online business goals. Even if it’s just some little assistance to get everything moving positively, Darren and Mike are there to assist.

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The benefits of outsourcing the company’s P2P and S2P

Despite what you may think, outsourcing can be very profitable for a company. A lot of big companies already outsource the P2P and S2P. In this article we will explain what P2P and S2P is and what the benefits of outsourcing P2P and S2P is.

P2P and P2C

P2P (Procure-to-Pay) and S2P (Source-to-Pay) are parts of the procurement process which often are outsourced. The procurement process has different phases. First the company specifies their needs, secondly the company ask for multiple quotes. This called tendering. After receiving the quotes, the company selects the best suppliers and place and order at the best supplier with the best conditions. After the order is placed, the order will be shipped and delivered. Monitoring this process is called tracing. Once the order is delivered, the invoice has to be paid for completing the procurement process.

For goods and services which are important for the core activities of the company, the company keeps the responsibility for this whole process. For goods and services which not directly influence the core activities of the company, it’s often outsourced.

Direct procurement and indirect procurement

The procurement of goods and services which are important for the company core activities, is called direct procurement. For example, for a company like Phillips, who produce medical equipment, micro-chips are important for the production of the medical equipment. These micro-chips are often ordered at suppliers are therefore important for the core activities of the company. That’s why the procurement of a company as Phillips orders those micro-chips themselves.

Indirect procurement is most of the time not that high on the agenda. Indirect procurement is the procurement of goods which are not directly important for the core activities of a company. Office supplies are good examples of indirect procurements. Every company needs them, but it won’t directly harm your production. Therefore, the importance of indirect procurement is often neglected. Most of the time the suppliers of indirect goods are so-called c-suppliers. C-suppliers are suppliers where you only order once and probably not order frequently. These c-suppliers are very time-consuming and therefor expensive. For each single supplier, you’ll receive a different invoice with different payment terms and conditions. Controlling the invoices and paying the suppliers according their terms. The supplier base consists for the most part of those c-suppliers.

Outsourcing the indirect procurement

Indirect procurement is a hidden treasure, there is a lot of savings possible with indirect procurement. By outsourcing the indirect procurement a company can save up to 21% on the internal costs. Instead of invoices from every c-supplier, you will receive one total invoice from one point of contact. This will reduce your supplier base up to 80%. And you don’t have to monitor, control and pay all those different invoices anymore, but just have to control one total invoice.


With outsourcing P2P a company still controls the tendering and selecting process. So, you are sure the order will be placed at a suppliers u want. The ordering, trace, deliver and payment is outsourced. 


With outsourcing S2P, you’ll outsource the selecting and tendering too. By outsourcing these phases, you are assured you’ll get the best products for the best prices. Outsourcing can save up to 21% on internal costs. 

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Forbrukslån – Steps To Do When Taking Out Personal Loans

When we are running out of cash, the first thing that can think of is to borrow money from our friends or relatives but the problem is, the people we are counting do not always have extra money and most of them are also in the same situation just like us. We know very well that they would love to spare us some help and it hurts them not to grant our small request but life must go on so instead of knocking at someone’s door, we better look for a lender. Pretty sure that we can find consumer loans with low-interest rates so take some of your time to compare different lending companies.

If you are going to search online, then you’ll find their reviews as well as a comparison but sometimes, the details are not updated so it is still better to visit the lending company or ask for estimates which can be done through phone calls, e-mails, or loan calculators available on their website. Anyway, after choosing a reputable creditor with the best offer, you can start preparing your requirements to be ready for a personal loan application. By the way, you can also visit forbrukslå if you would like to find out ways how you can get low-interest offers online.

As a borrower, you have to learn how to explore all your options so that you can reach your goal which is to get the best personal loans that suit your financial needs and preferences. This means that you won’t only stick to the first lending firm that will come out as you make your research because they might be others with the most affordable rates. Anyway, it would be best if you can have ideas on how you are going to take out consumer loans either secured or unsecured types so you should be aware of what steps must be done before sending your formal request.

Personal Loans

Many of us have financial needs that could be for emergencies, projects, school fees, debt consolidation, or other expenditures and we can find solutions to these through a personal loan. These debts are usually unsecured which means that collaterals are not necessary so it would be easier to prepare requirements when they need only a few documents. These are usually offered by any lending company, bank, or credit union and borrowers can easily get access to them because they are available online, too.

Borrowers are given options, depending on their expenditures so we can take out this debt and spend the money on anything because there is no specific item set for these funds. We can think of any purpose because these fundings are for all sorts of expenditures so I suggest you be clear on your reason for borrowing and make sure it would be beneficial to you. Anyway, just make sure to choose the right lending firm and prepare all documents to avoid delays in your application.

Run the Numbers

Since these debts are unsecured, the lender would be at a higher risk so don’t be surprised if they will doubt your creditworthiness. They may have to perform a soft inquiry and this is the reason why most of them take time when it comes to request approvals. Of course, they just wanted to make sure that you will pay the loaned amount since that would be their loss if you go default on this.

As borrowers, be realistic with the amount that you are borrowing so make sure that you can pay it back. Don’t request a large sum when you know that it would be difficult to repay because you will also repay the interest rate and other charges as well. It would be great if you can find out what fees they are collecting because there should not be hidden charges.

Try using personal loan calculators from their websites so that you can get an estimate of how much you will be paying every month. This will help you figure out if the cost of this debt is affordable. And then, through this calculator, you will also have an idea of what amount you should only be taking out so that you can still save money or have some for other obligations.

Know your Credit Score

I supposed you know that credit scores are very important in any type of loan that you would like to apply for so make sure that you will find a lender that accepts your rating. Some of them are lax with this, while others are strict with such requirements and set high standards to make sure that the borrower will repay the loaned amount. Well, we cannot question that policy because many borrowers go default and that is what they are trying to avoid so we should understand if they can grant our requests because of our low ratings.

The lenders will be running a credit check so it could be a soft or hard inquiry. So make sure to know your rating so that you will also have an idea if you can meet the requirements of the lender. If you cannot comply because of this score, then you better look for another creditor and other alternatives to produce funds.

But do not forget that it is better to have a good rating. In this way, you’ll have more chances of getting approved for your request. If there are issues or when the rating is low, then fix the issues and improve your rating.

Weigh your Options

A creditworthy borrower will have more options to consider and can avail of better terms as well. But do not be disappointed when your ratings are not accepted because most of these lenders will still give you a chance but you must have a co-signer. That is the only condition they can give you so make sure that the co-signer has a good credit score because his credit history will be reviewed, too.

If you cannot find financing institutions that allow a co-signer when applying for unsecured loans, then shift to the secured ones. However, you will need collateral and other documents because secured loans have more requirements to prepare. Again, this collateral can be seized when you go default so be very sure to repay on or before your due date, they may give you a grace period but you’ll have to pay late fees and other charges.

It will be a good idea to widen your research so don’t only consider looking for creditors, offers, requirements, interest rates, fees, and credit scores through comparison. Sometimes, you can have better options if you have a goal so your choices will depend on this.

Choose the Type of Loan

Some types of loans can be used for definite purposes, while others are not specific so you are free to use this fund for whatever you want to. It would be great to get a flexible term because even if we have basic needs, we also have exclusive expenses, too. So we cannot say that we will also make a request just like what your friend did because you will be using the funds differently.

Most of the loans we can apply for include debt consolidations, refinancing, emergency, medical, home improvement, and weddings to name a few. So what you will do here is to find lenders with these offers and then, to narrow down your option, you can compare the rates. Prepare the documents required and send the application, then wait for the approval because you’ll be notified if you are qualified and when you can expect the money.

Keep in mind that when choosing the type of loan, you have to consider your goal or your purpose. Stick with the plan and don’t make sudden changes. In this way, you won’t mess up your budget plan.

Shop for Rates

Always remember that interest rates vary and will depend on the type of loan or policies of the financial institution. You need to shop for the best and most affordable ones because not all creditors apply the same rates. Some of them have lower, while others have higher interest rates, especially when this is an unsecured type.

Take your time and do not be in a rush because you need to compare the rates so that you can have choices. Always remember that the first offer you find should not be your only or last option. These lending companies offer competitive rates so pretty sure that you can always have choices.

Borrowers who don’t shop around usually end up with higher rates. They can only find out that there are lower once when it is already late. Remember that this will be the cost of the amount that you are going to borrow so you have to be wise and practical as well.

Choose a Creditor

If you did your homework well, then you can surely land on the right firm. Once you confirmed that they have a good reputation and you can depend on, then be prepared. Send your request online or visit their office so that they can start processing this.

Do not forget that they are going to discuss the policies of the company. They may even give you more affordable options before they validate your paper. Take some time to ask questions, too, when there are things that you don’t understand because they are willing to answer all inquiries.

When you visit them, you may also try to negotiate with the representative. If you are lucky enough, then they may even give you better terms and conditions. Don’t forget that as a consumer, you have the right to demand what would be beneficial to you because they do business here and they earn from the interest you pay.

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The Remote Advantage: Top Benefits of Outsourcing Work

As a business owner, HR professional, or recruiter, you might like to think about a variety of considerations when it comes to outsourcing. However, since hiring has just become too difficult, outsourcing remote labor can be a difficult choice.

Outsourcing your entire workforce has several advantages. For example, you can access a global, diversified, and educated talent pool while saving money and on labor expenditures. This piece of content will examine several advantages of outsourcing employee monitoring tasks and explain why hiring outside assistance may be the best course of action for your company.

1. Enhance group performance with outside knowledge

You can employ anyone with years of knowledge by using an independent contractor. They will add experience to your organization, and they might even improve operations while launching new programs. In this manner, you can avoid creating a new section within your firm or breaking in a new employee, both of which need time and money. The professionals will assist you in being more productive and effective work performance to monitor right away.

2. Budget-friendly expansion

It might be more sensible to outsource your public relations needs to a competitive company than to start from scratch with an internal PR staff. This approach can be used in departments like human resources, bookkeeping, legal, and others that take on increased significance as your company expands. Without going over their costs, companies can expand their firms through outsourcing.

3. Promotes Business Growth

Businesses can grow their operations internationally with the help of outsourcing. It’s now easier to enter a worldwide market if you’ve desired to for a while. Your worldwide staff can enter the local market through outsourcing. This is a chance for your company to become more well-known on a much larger scale.

4. Boosts Productivity

A significant portion of the workload that has been placed on your group by numerous obligations might be reduced with some straightforward outsourcing. As outsourcing has alleviated the necessity of ongoing recruitment and training in the company’s main site, businesses are now able to build and maintain very competitive work environments. This personnel may now concentrate on what they do well rather than being overburdened with duties that are outside of their purview, which increases employee productivity.

5. Creates a pleasant working environment

As it turns out, managing staff is a lot simpler when you engage remotely as opposed to managing in person. Many workers benefit from remote work since it allows them to work and be near their dear ones simultaneously. The remote work option improves and makes the balance between work and life for all workers, but particularly for those with additional familial responsibilities.

6. Development of internal employees

Despite simply completing a job, on-site outsourcing can be beneficial. When you hire outside expertise, your steering committee has the chance to learn new techniques and viewpoints just by working with your more knowledgeable recruits. If your team is in its infancy or is still developing, outsourcing is advantageous.

Final Words

In short, outsourcing work to the right partner is an excellent way to reduce costs, improve margins, and increase profitability. It’s not the right choice for every company in every circumstance, but if it’s on the table, you should do your best to take advantage of it. And if you choose to go the remote route, make sure to vet your partners carefully to ensure that your outsourced workers can handle your workload effectively.

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