February 2020


Customer Engagement: Turning Singapore Users who Sign Up for Free Trials into Customers

The majority of customers who sign up for to try a new product for free will usually use the product only once. Unfortunately, many signups do not translate to many customers. Customers are acquired due to a series of events that can lead to customer engagement. Engaged customers are likely to trust a brand and stay loyal. That is why businesses must learn how to boost customer engagement Singapore. Here are tips to make this happen:

Make a Strong First Impression

As customers find a product for the first time, they may easily forget it as they explore other options. Thus, businesses must make a positive first impression.  This means explaining how their products work, motivating their possible customers to get started, and letting them know how to get help and when they need it.

Create Message Schedules

These schedules are meant to promote some features. Having a good insight into the customer base allows the business to work out the secondary features that delight users and at what point they are useful.

Announce Feature and Upgrades

Customers only care about new product features or upgrades when they are using it, so businesses must announce them. They can make these announcements in-app or through emails, depending on their product and where their customers can access it.

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Low temperature carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe is formed in different forms and shapes. There are different needs in the market and applications and the production caters for all the needs. The different grades give the different qualities of the product. The Carbon steel pipe could be either cold drawn or hot rolled. In case where low temperature applications need pipes with sufficient temperature resistance, high temperature resistant pipes are not needed. For this reason, low temperature carbon steel pipes are made. They are strong and ductile but are designed to withstand low temperatures. In applications where hot water or hot gases with lower temperatures flow in the pipes, they use this type of piping. The material could be produced in welded conditions, butt welded conditions or drawn conditions. The seamless carbon steel pipe is cold drawn, meaning there are no welded points along the pipe.

The pipe is uniform and is precise in its dimensions. This type of material is needed in applications where welding is not preferred and the dimensions need to be precise to fit seamlessly with the whole piping system. One of the most widely used grades of this type of steel is the A53 grade. And it comes in grade A or B. The grade B ranges from NPS1/4 to NPS26; covering ¼ inches to 26 inches internal diameter of pipes. There are different schedules to govern the wall thicknesses. The schedules of grade be can range from sch10 to sch 160. The A53 Grade B Pipe is convincing so that it is appropriate for low temperature applications.

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