September 2021


How To Port From BSNL or Jio To Another Network?

MNP or mobile network portability is one of the best features available for telecom operators in the country. Now, telecom users can change their telecom service provider if they are unhappy with their service. For example, if you don’t want to use BSNL or Jio service, you can port to Vi or Airtel without changing your phone number.

On the other hand, you have to complete your postpaid bill payment and abide by various other rules and regulations to avail the service. If you are looking to port your telecom service provider from Jio or BSNL to any other service, you will find all the necessary details below.

Eligibility Criteria To Port From BSNL or Jio To Another Network?

Undoubtedly, you can change port your phone number from one service provider to the other if you are eligible to do so. We have listed the eligibility criteria for all the people who want to port from BSNL or JIO to any other network service provider.

  • When you are porting your phone number, you must be the first owner of the number. One should also not port the number during the change of ownership process.
  • There is no connection between the court of law and porting of the mobile number, nor does the court of law prohibit phone number porting.
  • One cannot port their phone number until they clear pending dues or any other subscription fee. In the case of postpaid connections, the customer must clear the BSNL postpaid bill payment ‘Outstanding Dues’ to be eligible for the porting service.
  • One can only change the telecom service provider after using the service for more than 90 days.

Documents Required To Port From Jio or BSNL To Any Other Network?

When you port your phone number to any other network service provider, you must submit your identity and address proof along with the porting code. Here is the list of the documents which you have to submit while porting your phone number,

  • Address proof or Aadhar card
  • A passport size photo, and
  • Porting code.

How To Port From BSNL or Jio To Any Other Network?

Before applying for a new connection, you must have a unique porting code from your current telecom service provider. All the BSNL users can send an SMS to PORT <SPACE> Mobile Number to 1900 to get UPC or Unique Porting Code.

Jio users can also use the same process to get the UPC before applying to other network service providers.

How to Port To Airtel From BSNL To Jio?

If you want to port to Airtel, then you have to visit the official website of Airtel and submit your UPC. You have to select the plan then and complete your payment from Airtel Payments Bank. Once done, an executive from the company will call you to take all the necessary documents. You can select the date and time slot based on your convenience. One can also pay BSNL bills on Airtel Payments Bank.

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