Making Your Restaurant Drive-Thru More Efficient

Does your drive-through service move quickly or slowly? The way you answer this question can have a significant impact on the profitability of your QSR (quick-service restaurant) and your ability to thrive in the highly competitive fast-food industry. Drive-thrus are responsible for up to 70% of a restaurant’s sales, and this percentage is increasing as more people find it difficult to dine in. By speeding up your drive-thru service, you can not only make your customers happier but also serve a larger number of customers, leading to higher revenue and profitability for your establishment.

There are various methods to improve the efficiency of your drive-thru. Make sure your signage is clear and provide an order confirmation display to speed up service and reduce errors by informing customers of their estimated wait time. An order recall display allows cashiers to make changes to an order without deleting the original and starting over. Moreover, adding multiple drive-thru windows and pullaway lanes helps decrease wait times and prevents congestion.

The following resource, created by Quikserv, goes into more detail about the importance of a fast and reliable drive-thru experience.

Guide created by Quikserv, a leading provider in automatic drive thru windows

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Shelton Haynes and Roosevelt Island are Experiencing a Renaissance

Under the leadership of Shelton Haynes, Roosevelt Island is experiencing a renaissance that is transforming it into a thriving community. As the president and CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), Haynes has been instrumental in driving growth and revitalization on the island. This article will explore Haynes’ role in leading Roosevelt Island’s renaissance, as mentioned in the attached content.

Revitalizing Roosevelt Island

Shelton Haynes is dedicated to revitalizing Roosevelt Island and unleashing its full potential. As the CEO of RIOC, he has prioritized long-term development strategies to bring about positive change. Haynes has played a vital role in completing the island’s master plan, with the construction of Riverwalk Building 9 being a significant milestone. Through his vision for growth, Haynes is positioning Roosevelt Island as a thriving and dynamic community.

Shelton Haynes’ Commitment to Roosevelt Island

Shelton Haynes understands the importance of robust infrastructure in supporting a vibrant community. He has prioritized infrastructure enhancements on Roosevelt Island, improving roads, parks, buildings, sports facilities, and public transportation. By investing in these essential aspects, Haynes ensures residents can access high-quality amenities and services that contribute to their well-being.

Fostering Economic Development

Shelton Haynes is a strong advocate for economic development on Roosevelt Island. He has worked with real estate developers to attract businesses and create job opportunities. Haynes’ efforts have revitalized the retail sector on the island, with the establishment of new businesses in the Shops on Main. By supporting the local business community, Haynes is fostering a thriving economy and enhancing the overall livability of Roosevelt Island.

Shelton Haynes’ Dedication to Roosevelt Island’s Creative Scene

Shelton Haynes recognizes the importance of arts and culture in creating a vibrant community. He has championed initiatives to promote arts and culture on Roosevelt Island, including public art installations, festivals, and support for local artists and cultural organizations. Haynes’ commitment to cultivating the island’s creative scene has enriched the cultural fabric of Roosevelt Island and provided residents with diverse artistic experiences.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Shelton Haynes is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship on Roosevelt Island. He has spearheaded initiatives to reduce the island’s ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices. Haynes’ dedication to sustainability is reflected in adopting renewable energy sources, energy-efficient solutions, and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Shelton Haynes’ leadership has ushered in a renaissance on Roosevelt Island, revitalizing the community and positioning it for a bright future. Through his vision for growth, commitment to enhancing infrastructure, support for economic development, cultivation of arts and culture, and dedication to sustainability, Haynes has played a pivotal role in transforming Roosevelt Island into a thriving and sustainable community. His tireless efforts have created a strong foundation for continued progress and success, making him an invaluable leader for the island’s renaissance.

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Set the Tone: How Leader Daniel Shin Innovates at Every Level of His Business and You Can Too

As the co-CEO and founder of PortOne Global, entrepreneur Daniel Shin oversees the integration of billing for merchants into a single API. The company was able to bring real solutions to a market that was in desperate need of them, giving Shin a chance to innovate while expanding within a growing market.

A massive figure in the e-commerce space, Daniel Shin has become acclaimed for his work building teams and navigating complicated concepts. With high-profile successes under his belt, including TicketMonster and PortOne Global, Shin felt inclined to share some of the concepts that have led him to where he is today.

Looking Before You Leap

In the entrepreneurial space, there are few instances where you aren’t going to be taking magnificent risks. Shin suggests that research and preparation are integral when it comes time to plan for the future. With that being said, he also suggests making a move rather than waiting forever for the perfect opportunity.

Daniel Shin says that immediate action and testing concepts can lead to positive results. Even with failures, Shin suggests that there will always be something to learn and a lesson to take home to look over. Taking risks with TicketMonster and his angel investing firm at Fast Track Asia are two particular points of emphasis for Shin.

Prepare With Professionals

Daniel Shin knows that he can’t do everything on his own, and that is why he made a point to develop team-building skills that could empower him in the entrepreneurial sphere. Shin says, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life without too much friction.”

In order to find the right members for his team, Shin focuses on reaching out to colleagues who are ready to work in a collaborative and constructive environment. With the ability to say ‘no’ and offer up better options, Shin knows that his team can find ways to succeed even when hurdles are bare before them.

Find Your Priorities

Finally, Daniel Shin suggests that it is important to find ways to prioritize the tasks that you have to do during the day. Before he took time to delegate and prioritize, Shin would find himself overwhelmed and bogged down by simple meetings and wasteful calls. Now, Shin makes a list of concepts that he has to tackle before he even goes to bed for the night.

In addition to prioritizing his tasks and delegating the less important ones to his team, Shin focuses on using software to enhance his overall effectiveness and productivity. Shin utilizes tools like ChatGPT to get quick answers to questions that come to mind.

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Outsourcing WordPress Maintenance: The Pros and Why It Matters

Business owners often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. It might be hard to find time to manage your website between managing workers, operations, and industry trends. The online face of your business, your website, is crucial to its success. If you’re dealing with WordPress maintenance, outsourcing can change everything.

Outsourcing WordPress maintenance can save you time and improve website security and functionality. A competent WordPress maintenance service can keep your website updated, safe, and functioning properly. Outsourcing also reduces data breaches and costly downtime.

Expert maintenance by experts.

Outsourcing WordPress maintenance to WordPress Support Services offers the benefit of competent professional maintenance. WordPress support plans commit your website to a team of qualified professionals who assure its proper operation. They may fix technical difficulties and update your website to keep it functioning smoothly. Expert maintenance gives you peace of mind that your website will be well-maintained and issues resolved quickly. This lets you concentrate on your business rather than your website’s technicalities. Because it prevents costly emergency services, outsourcing maintenance can save money over time. Expert WordPress maintenance is crucial, and outsourcing it can help keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.

Use your time.

Saving time by outsourcing WordPress maintenance can benefit your business. WordPress support lets you focus on other business matters. In outsourcing website maintenance, you can relax knowing specialists are handling it. They handle updates, backups, security checks, and more. You won’t have to master website maintenance technicalities or spend hours debugging. This is where WordPress support plans help. There are several maintenance services at varying prices, so you may choose one that meets your demands and budget. The correct WordPress support plan lets you focus on business growth and save time.

Secure your website.

Keeping your website secure is essential to your online visibility. With more cyberattacks, it’s crucial to secure your website. Hire a trustworthy WordPress support provider to handle WordPress maintenance. Most WordPress support plans include security checks and upgrades to secure your website. WordPress support providers also use the newest security techniques to protect your data and prevent unauthorised access. Take advantage of their experience to relax and expand your business while your website is in good hands.

Outsourcing WordPress maintenance is a smart move for any business or individual who wants to focus on their core activities without worrying about website glitches or security breaches. By hiring a professional team, you’ll have access to the latest tools and technologies, as well as expert advice on how to optimize your site’s performance and user experience. Plus, you’ll save time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to hire an in-house team or spend hours learning the ins and outs of WordPress maintenance. So, if you value your online presence and want to stay ahead of the competition, consider outsourcing your WordPress maintenance today.

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Tushy Founder Miki Agrawal Showcases Unwavering Commitment to Philanthropy, Hygiene, and Innovation.

Miki Agrawal is a Canadian entrepreneur who has garnered mass media attention thanks to her focus on hygiene, innovation, and philanthropy. Touching on taboo subjects such as underwear for women during their period as well as bathroom bidets, Miki Agrawal has garnered a reputation for tackling tough subjects while bringing a humorous and enjoyable light to them.

An entrepreneur and a disruptor, Miki Agrawal has enjoyed a meteoric ascent in a historically combative industry toward ambitious women. Let’s dive into Miki Agrawal’s story to understand how she took creative marketing and a commitment to philanthropy and turned it into a whole career.

The Early Days of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal attended Cornell University in 2001, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Communication. Upon graduating, Agrawal would relocate to New York City, where she’d work in the financial field for Deutsche Bank. The events of 9/11 would cause her to rethink her career, setting the stage for something entirely different.

Agrawal would first break into the public consciousness thanks to her work with Tushy, a company that offers access to best-in-class bidets. Rising in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Agrawal recalled her history with bidets in her Indian-Asian household, and she saw a white space for innovation within the industry.

Innovation would set the tone, and products like THINX, sustainable period-proof underwear, were soon to follow. As a result of just these two products, Agrawal has helped to optimize efficiency, improve cleanliness, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Helping Others Through Her Work

Miki Agrawal has been dedicated to environmental causes as well as sustainability within her industry, but that is far from her only focus. Throughout her time in the public spotlight, Agrawal has worked steadfastly to give back to the individuals and communities her work touches upon.

With THINX, Miki Agrawal has focused on addressing a serious need for sustainable menstrual products. Agrawal and her company donate a piece of all sales to support access to basic hygiene needs for women around the world. Thinx also works directly with other non-profit organizations to improve sanitation conditions for individuals in underserved communities.

Most recently, Thinx and Agrawal partnered with the team at GiveLove to improve and promote sustainable waste management.

Journey of an Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur committed to much more than just the bottom line. Relentlessly in pursuit of innovation and sustainability, Miki Agrawal has targeted improvements in the hygiene industry while simultaneously asking viewers to discuss and challenge societal norms.

Agrawal has continually demonstrated that businesses can push innovative products forward while striving to create positive differences in the world, transforming taboo subjects into areas where positive changes can be made.

Miki Agrawal has enjoyed a sprawling career as an entrepreneur, disruptor, and author. Agrawal broke into the entrepreneurial world with her farm-to-table pizza chain WILD before transitioning into her work at THINX and TUSHY.

For her efforts in innovation, Miki Agrawal appeared on Forbes’ Top 20 Millennials on a Mission, where she was recognized as a public speaker, author, entrepreneur, and advocate for female empowerment.

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How Kevin Modany Turned an Executive Consultant Role into the Career of a Lifetime.

Kevin Modany has made a career out of providing businesses with the kind of information that they need in order to make winning decisions in the marketplace of ideas. An executive consultant since 2016, Kevin Modany has plied his trade at the highest levels of executive leadership, providing key details and insights to executives who need to make decisions that impact many people in the industry.

Kevin Modany took time out of his day to share insights he had learned along the way, preparing future executive consultants for the work they will be doing in the field. Let’s look at what Kevin Modany believes an executive consultant should be able to accomplish.

Inside the Mind of an Executive Consultant

An executive consultants should have a well-rounded set of skills that they can deploy in order to help overcome hurdles and challenges as they are presented with them. Kevin Modany suggests that an executive consultant is someone who is a recognized expert in certain subject matters, providing key insights to CEOs and other senior executives along the way on the topics of operational efficiency, finances, and strategic planning.

Executive consultants are required to have excellent communication skills as they must quickly, succinctly, and clearly transmit the knowledge that they have to the appropriate audience. Executive consultants can take on short-term and long-term assignments, though temporary positions are more likely.

Trends in the Future to Pay Attention To

Executive consultancy isn’t protected from changes in the industry due to technology, just like any other field. As a result, Kevin Modany believes it is of the utmost importance to always be ready to learn and advance your knowledge when working in this field.

Kevin Modany outlined a few other driving trends that are worth paying attention to as an executive consultant, so let’s expound on them below.

  • Digital Platform Expansion – From the way we rent movies to how we order food, digital platforms have taken over day-to-day activities. Executive consultants must be prepared to meet the needs of these new digital operations, implementing digitally-based strategies that incorporate data and analytics.
  • Business Model Adoption – A highly competitive industry doesn’t leave much room for error. Kevin Modany works with business leaders as they seek to adapt new revenue streams through service offerings or new products.
  • Career Growth – Companies that focus on consultants while increasing productivity will find that they have an edge compared to competitors. The employment of consultants in the future is steadily looking to rise, showing the importance of the position.

Ultimately, career executive consultants are being increasingly looked to in order to help business adoption and better practices in today’s digitally-driven world.

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How Alejandro Pena of Keter is Tackling Corporate Responsibility and Recycling

The ethical role that corporations play has changed dramatically in the past ten to fifteen years. Corporate responsibility and social sustainability have become hot topics for every significant market player, no matter the industry that they exist within.

Alejandro Pena was brought on to lead the Keter Group as its CEO while guiding the company toward more sustainable endeavors. With a focus on expanding its global footprint while reducing negative outcomes for the environment, Keter has enjoyed monumental steps forward while under Pena’s leadership.

Let’s take a closer look at the ambitious recycling plans of Keter Group as told by CEO Alejandro Pena.

Recycling For a Better Future

Keter Group was established more than 50 years ago in Israel as a producer of recycled resin-based home goods, furniture, and outdoor decor. With low prices that are improved by the longevity and high quality of its prices, Keter has enjoyed sustained growth in a number of major markets, which has led it to have more than 20 manufacturing facilities around the world.

Keter uses recycled resin materials for all of its products while focusing on communal recycling and sustainability. Keter CEO Alejandro Pena said, “It is very important to understand that tall Keter products can and should be recycled.”

Pena went on to add that his company was becoming more proactive when it came to trying to collect discarded products. One aspect of its sustainability mission included a commitment to keeping materials from its manufacturing facilities out of landfills.

With more than 5,000 employees and 20 manufacturing facilities around the world, Keter has been an industry mover and shaker with regard to greener outcomes and initiatives.

Sustainable Production Facilities

To offset greenhouse gas emissions while reducing their overall impact on the environment, Alejandro Pena and Keter have focused on building manufacturing facilities in the regions where products will eventually be sold.

Pena said of this goal, “During the pandemic, we were able to leverage our global footprint and avoid long lead times that our competition had.”

Pena went on to add, “60% of our production is in the country and the region where the product will eventually be purchased.”

This means that lightweight products are designed in the United Kingdom for consumption there, while bigger products are built across the ocean in the United States. No matter where products are created, Pena and Keter make sure that they don’t find their way into local landfills.

For Keter, Pena has built the future of the company around three core concepts: material innovation, responsible business, and design innovation. Keter continues to invest in product development and sustainability while moving away from single-use consumer products.

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Unlocking the Benefits of ELSS: Your Ultimate Guide

Generally, people opt to carry out mutual fund investments with just one aim. The said aim is to acquire wealth over time. But some mutual fund schemes can be used for more than saving money and accumulating wealth for the future. Look at an ELSS mutual fund or equity-linked savings scheme as an example. These funds are helpful for both accumulating wealth and saving on taxes.

What is ELSS?

This variant of mutual fund invests in stocks or equities that come with a lock-in period of three years. These funds can save tax under Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Hence through this tax-saving mutual fund, you can claim deductions on taxable income of up to ₹1.5 lakhs annually. They offer the benefits such as tax-saving advantages and possible capital gains through equity investments.

This variant of mutual funds invests approximately 80% in equities. The rest 20% is allocated to debt instruments. Fund managers of ELSS invest in a wide range of stocks of companies that are listed. Before investing, the manager selects stocks of companies with a wide range of market capitalisation like small-, mid-, or large-cap funds. Apart from investing in companies of different capitalisation, the fund manager also invests in the stocks of companies of other relevant industry sectors. ELSS mutual fund allocations are carried out in specific proportions and depend on the fund’s objective.

Why invest in ELSSfunds?

Now that you know what ELSS is, let us look at the different reasons for you to consider an equity-linked savings scheme as an investment option:

  • Tax advantages:

ELSS funds come with the best tax benefits of all the tax-saving mutual fund investment options under Section 80C. With the help of these funds, you can claim a deduction of up to ₹1.5 lakhs annually. The tax-saving advantages of this type of mutual fund can help you reduce your tax liability and save more.

  • Professional management:

You don’t need to manage your mutual fund portfolio. Instead, the fund manager is responsible for taking care of your portfolio. A fund manager carefully selects the underlying assets for investments. You also don’t need to track your portfolio or rebalance it when required. An experienced fund manager with an excellent track record can help you acquire wealth over time. Simply put, ELSS funds offer more than just tax benefits.

  • Higher returns:

ELSS, as its name suggests, allocates funds to equities. But investing in equities comes with risks. However, because of their volatility, equities have the potential to generate high returns in the future. You could take care of volatility and accumulate wealth over time by opting for SIP and staying invested for the long term.

  • Lowest lock-in period for tax saving option:

An equity-linked savings scheme has a lock-in for three years. Three years is considered the shortest, unlike other tax saving options under section 80C like FD, NSC, EPF and VPF, and PPF.


ELSS is an investment option with dual benefits, saving taxes and accumulating long-term wealth. But before signing up for an ELSS, check factors such as past performance of the fund, expense ratio, and risk profile. Choose ELSS if you have a long-term goal and diversify your investments to make the most of this fund. Contact a qualified financial advisor to choose the best ELSS mutual fund that aligns with your risk tolerance and financial goals. Start early and invest wisely.

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Best Practices for Designing Digital Marketing Mailers in Tampa

Email is a powerful digital marketing tool in Tampa, allowing marketers to reach out directly to their target audience and convey their message instantly. Digital marketing mailers in Tampa is a cost-effective way of delivering content that can help firms raise brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales. However, the challenge for any business is ensuring your email stands out from the thousands of other emails that readers receive every day. With this article we will provide you with our best practices for designing digital mailers so you never have to worry about losing reader engagement!

Understand the target audience and their preferences

To effectively reach your audience, it is crucial to understand not only who they are, but what they prefer. This knowledge can guide you in tailoring your messaging and presentation to appeal directly to your target demographic. Whether you’re targeting young adults or retirees, urbanites or suburbanites, you need to know what resonates with them. Do they prefer an emotional appeal or a logical argument? Is humor a hit or a miss with this group? By understanding your audience, you can create content that speaks directly to their interests and values, and ultimately drive meaningful engagement.

Choose an eye-catching design that stands out from other mailers

In the world of direct mail marketing, it’s more important than ever to grab the recipient’s attention from the moment they open their mailbox. That’s why it’s crucial to choose an eye-catching design that stands out from other mailers. Your design should be bold, visually appealing, and instantly recognizable. You want your mailer to be the one that people can’t help but pick up and examine, even if they’re not quite sure what it is at first glance. So, whether you opt for striking colors, unusual shapes, or unconventional materials, make sure your mailer demands attention and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

Use good quality images with a high resolution for better visuals

In today’s image-driven world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the visuals you use are of the highest quality possible. That means selecting images with a high resolution and crisp clarity. When you use good quality images, your visuals become more engaging, more impactful and easier on the eye. With the right photographs or graphics, you can motivate and inspire your readers, customers and followers. Whether you’re creating online content, marketing materials or social media posts, take the time to choose visuals that are up to scratch. Your audience will thank you for it.

Incorporate creative shapes and patterns to draw attention

Stand out from the crowd with creative shapes and patterns! Whether it’s a bold geometric design or a playful asymmetrical shape, incorporating unique elements into your work is a surefire way to catch the eye. By taking the time to add these attention-grabbing details, you can elevate your project to the next level and impress your audience with your creativity. So don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment with new shapes and patterns – your work will thank you for it!

Include actionable calls-to-action (CTA)

When it comes to writing content for your website or social media platforms, including actionable calls-to-action is crucial for encouraging readers to take the desired action. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or sharing your content with their friends, clear and concise CTAs can make all the difference in turning passive readers into active participants. By using strong verbs such as “discover,” “shop,” or “join,” and placing the CTA prominently throughout your content, you can motivate your audience to engage with your brand and ultimately help you meet your goals. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different CTAs and track their effectiveness to see which ones resonate most with your audience.

Focus on mobile optimization to reach a wider range of customers

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s no secret that people are increasingly glued to their screens. As a result, mobile optimization has become a crucial tool in the arsenal of any forward-thinking business. By ensuring that your website or app is optimized for mobile use, you can connect with a wider range of customers who are constantly on the go. This means better engagement, more conversions, and ultimately, higher profits. But what exactly does “mobile optimization” entail? From responsive design to mobile-only features, there are many ways to tailor your digital presence to the needs and habits of today’s mobile-first consumers.

At the end of the day, the success of your email marketing campaigns relies on a number of factors including content relevance and targeting. By understanding and optimizing for these different components, you can maximize your returns and produce more successful email campaigns. All it takes is knowing your target audience, creating engaging visuals, incorporating calls-to-action that motivate readers, and taking advantage of mobile optimization for greater reach. With careful attention to these elements, you can ensure that your email marketing efforts are both effective and profitable.

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Top Reasons To Invest In Pet Insurance

Pets are increasingly becoming seen as full-fledged family members in today’s society. We ensure that they are loved and cared for, fed well, exercised well, and given special treatment when ill. We also include them in family photos and take them on vacations. Even more, we refer to them as our “fur babies” and ourselves as “pet parents.” Everyone (human) in the family—including you, your parents, your kids, and even your grandparents—is likely covered by health insurance if you take a quick look around your home. But have you ever given pet insurance for dogs a thought?

Similar to regular health insurance, the goal of pet insurance is to pay for your pet’s veterinary bills in the event of mishaps or medical problems. Is insurance for pets in India really necessary if these are only likely, isolated incidents? Yes, it is the answer. It costs money to raise and take care of a pet. There are many costs to be incurred for things like food, clothing, accessories, grooming products, vaccinations, and prescriptions, to name a few. In addition, rising veterinarian expenses are a result of improvements in animal healthcare. So, if you haven’t previously covered your pet, here are 5 reasons to think about it:

  1. It guarantees your pet’s excellent healthcare

Depending on the pet cover you select, pet insurance offers you a greater range of treatment options for dental problems, parasite-borne illnesses, cataracts, fractures, pregnancy complications, etc. Pet insurance also comes in handy for older animals who could require more extensive medical care.

  1. You are prevented from withdrawing from your funds

Accidents can happen at any time, despite your best efforts to be safe around your animal friend. Dog health insurance assists with the cost of medical care in the event of an unanticipated accident, injury, or illness, sparing you the worry of arranging the finances or depleting your savings.

  1. It assists with costly therapies

Pets can experience serious diseases, just like humans, and therapies for these severe conditions can be quite expensive. With pet insurance, you can provide your dog with the greatest care while saving money on pricey hospital stays and medical procedures.

  1. It provides flexibility based on your budget

Depending on your budget and your pet’s demands, you can choose from a variety of insurance. Some pet insurance for dogs policies also allows you to pick the frequency of premium payments, whether it be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

  1. It also provides additional protection

Some pet insurance policies also provide coverage for theft or loss of the pet, international travel, and third-party liabilities in case your pet injures someone else or damages their property, in addition to accidents and illnesses.

It is best to purchase insurance for pets in India when your dog is still a young pup if you are interested in doing so. But it’s also possible to do it later in life. Make sure to compare policies before deciding which is best for your dog, depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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