The Four Main Processes of Car Manufacturing

Ever wondered who makes your favourite vehicles? We found out what the four main car manufacturing processes are to pass on to our lucky readers.

Car manufacturing isn’t something that we think about on the day to day. Sure, most of us appreciate that our cars come from somewhere, but we don’t ever think about what goes into physically building our vehicles. Car manufacturing is a form of both automotive engineering and manufacturing engineering. Automotive engineering covers a broad variety of careers which are involved in the automation of processes. Manufacturing engineering on the other hand, covers the processes involved in making any designed product – from cars to entertainment systems. The world of car manufacturing is therefore an interesting crossover between the two.

How do we design and build cars?

There are four main stages involved in car manufacturing. We examine each of these stages in more detail below. If you are interested in the Manufacturing Jobs and careers that will enable you to build cars for yourself, you should see the Hays website. Otherwise stick with us while we investigate the four production processes used by car manufacturers like Toyota to create high end, safe vehicles.

1 – Stamping out the plate metal sheets

To begin with, automotive designers use factory machines to laser cut the sheets of metal needed to design the frame of the car. This is a highly precise process that we complete through use of computer algorithms and automated technology on the production line. This method is how manufacturing engineers make the bonnets, boot, doors, and other panels of your car.

2 – Welding together the materials

Like a jigsaw, factory arms assemble your car on the production line. Hundreds of mechanical robot arms – created and designed by either the automotive engineers or the manufacturing engineers on site – put your vehicle together. As many as 400 car body parts must be welded together to create the finished product. This stage would take hours in the past. Now that robot arms perform it, the process is faster. Introducing robot arms in this stage of production means welds are impeccable and the risk of injury on the factory floor is far lower.

3 – The painting process

When engineers weld the car together, the painting process can be. To paint a car inside a factory, they go through a spraying room as part of the production line. This room p=blasts the vehicle from the walls and ceiling using a fine spray of paint. Since the vehicle is only a metal shell at this point, paint doesn’t get anywhere that it isn’t supposed to go. Spraying a car before engineers add the car parts means you need less precision. This allows for faster work.

4 – Adding the parts

Before your car can go to the display floor, it needs parts enough to make it run smoothly. Mechanical arms and engineers place the parts inside the car before they sell it. The windows and bumpers are two of the last parts to go onto a car, ensuring they stay flawless until the finish.

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Selecting a Suitable Car Insurance Cover Made Easy

Car insurance is a legal mandate in India. Having an insurance cover for your car is essential to drive it legally. However, selecting a policy among the plethora of alternatives can not just be daunting, but also confusing to many.

Reasons like a variety of plans, different features, varied coverages offered are few that make it increasingly difficult to pick the right car insurance cover. In this process you can take help of tools like a car insurance calculator that not just compares based of premium, but also the features. This article enlists how can you select a suitable insurance cover making it easy for you to zero down on one.

Selecting a car insurance starts with deciding on the type of insurance coverage you want—a third-party cover or a comprehensive cover. Third party car insurance plans, also known as liability-only policies, are those which provide insurance coverage against legal liabilities that may arise due to an accident. Such accidents may result in either property damage or injury to a third person, both of which attract legal consequences. Thus, safeguarding you in case of such incidents. For these reasons mentioned above, a third-party policy is the one that is a minimum requirement as per the law.

On the other hand, a comprehensive policy is an alternative to third-party plans. This insurance cover provides protection not just from third-party legal liabilities, but also various damages to your car. These damages may be caused due to an accident or as a result of other natural and man-made perils. Hence, a comprehensive plan must be preferred for the broader coverage it offers.

Other than deciding on the type of insurance policy, the factors mentioned below can be used to select a suitable insurance plan:

  • Customer Support

The support that your insurance company provides is essential to be checked before you avail a coverage. This will help to lodge a claim round the clock, if need be. Most insurers provide all-day facility to lodge claims and some even have the claim facility via their mobile application. * Standard T&C Apply

  • Cashless garage network

Another feature to look at when you buy car insurance online or offline is the cashless garage network. This network is a chain of service garages that are associated with the insurance company that can help you avail the cashless repair facility. As the name suggests, you need not pay for the cost of repairs upfront, but instead, the insurance company pays for it to the service garage. * Standard T&C Apply

  • Claim Settlement ratio

Claim settlement ratio is the proportion of claims that are settled in comparison to the total claim applications received by the employer. The higher this ratio, the higher is the probability that a valid claim is honoured by the insurer. Thus, policies must be bought considering the claim settlement record of the insurer. * Standard T&C Apply

  • Customisability of insurance coverage

Do not forget to review if your car insurance policy is customisable. Customisation benefits by helping you choose the exact coverage that you need thereby fulfilling all your insurance requirements. * Standard T&C Apply

These are some of the crucial pointers that can help to choose the right insurance coverage, be it for a first-time buyer or not. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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Compare Car Insurance and Save In A Major Way

Previously, prior to the internet revolution, many people found themselves choosing whatever their vehicle insurance agent suggested. Should you desired to compare car insurance, it always required a lengthy time studying the phonebook and calling up various companies to evaluate their rates. Everything has altered.

Using the emergence from the internet, car insurance comparison is becoming much simpler, with a couple of clicks of the mouse button you are able to rapidly and simply see a number of quotes online. Making the effort to check car insurance prices is imperative nowadays, also it can also help you save a lot of money.

Compare Car Insurance Prices

Obviously among the primary things for you to do is compare car insurance prices. Take a look at various companies and find out what sort of insurance costs they need to provide you with. Many people are having to pay high vehicle insurance costs however, when they only required time to complete some car insurance comparisons, they might save 100’s of dollars annually. Not be quite happy with the very first quote you receive, and will continue to see what sort of deals other insurance providers can provide you.

Compare Car Insurance Plans Too

Not just in the event you compare car insurance prices, but you need to compare the plans they offer too. When comparing car insurance, one company may appear to achieve the better deal cost wise, however when you browse the plan, it might not offer exactly what the greater costly plan offers. When you’re evaluating insurance, make certain that plans offer similar coverage when comparing the costs.

Know Your Requirements When You Are Performing Car Insurance Comparison

When doing an automobile insurance comparison, it is crucial that you realize your vehicle insurance needs. Know regardless of whether you need full dental coverage plans, comprehensive, collision, or you only need insurance. If you’re prepared and know the thing you need from your insurance, you’ll be able to obtain a better quote. Remember, you don’t only desire a great cost in your insurance, but you should also realize that it covers all your needs.

As you can tell, making the effort to check car insurance is advisable. Nowadays, using the internet available, it won’t even get you greatly time for you to sit lower and obtain a couple of quotes to check. So, what exactly are you awaiting, why don’t you see how much cash you may be conserving your car insurance today and have a couple of minutes to check car insurance prices.

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