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How CX Can Combat Customer Churn

Improving customer experience will often come at a cost for organizations. While it is a cost worth covering, it seems to be a never-ending tax. Customer expectations continue to rise as more and more organizations compete to win them over. Providing a customer experience that will alleviate some level of customer churn, while possible, continues to become more difficult as a result of this. While this may seem bleak, the truth is, there are loyal customers out there. Not only that, but there is also an increased likelihood of attracting new customers as a result of improved customer experience. It may require some innovation and change, but it is all for the better. For more information on the ways in which organizations are improving their customer experience in the name of reducing customer churn, such utilizing modern AI-powered tools and specialized billing platform providers to enhance billing processes, continue reading on to the infographic shared alongside this post.

How CX Can Combat Customer Churn an infographic provided by BillingPlatform, a company specializing in revenue recognition solutions

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Drive Over Floor Bunding & Why It Works

In certain workplace settings, a dangerous spill can cause serious harm to your workers and decrease productivity, it can also seep into drains and waterways and harm Australia’s precious wildlife. When these things are at stake, getting spill responses corrects matters, and one such way to mitigate spills is with drive-over bunding. 

Ideal for warehouse spills where the hazard cannot be prevented, drive-over bunding contains the spill to one area, and this allows for further spill resolution to occur safely without any risk of things spilling into waterways or the like. 

What’s Floor Bunding?

One of the best ways to contain leaking liquids is to have barriers in place to prevent them from escaping the initial place of the spill. This can be done by using floor bunding.

Floor bunding is often a permanent type of bunding that is attached to the floor, and it’s designed to allow vehicles to pass over the top of it while being made to keep spills that may occur away from drains.

Drive-over bunding specifically is designed to allow traffic to pass over it without losing its spill containment abilities. This makes it a great option for warehouses, vehicle parking areas, loading docks and doorways, and anywhere where secondary spill prevention is required, but vehicle access is also needed.

How Does Drive Over Bunding Work?

Drive-over bunding is made of high-quality memory foam that is covered with a waterproof PVC cover. The profile has a triangular shape and the whole thing remains unmovable as it’s kept in place with adhesive, anchors and aluminium bars.

This combination of materials allows the bunding to flex and flatten out under the weight of a vehicle and then spring back to shape as soon as the vehicle passes by. This system is great as it minimises the bump effect which is necessary for the safe operation of forklifts and light vehicles of the same nature. The smooth transition reduces the risk of items slipping off a forklift.

Additionally, the drive-over bunding is coated in a bright yellow colour, which reduces the trip hazard risk associated with permanent bunding. 

Where Can Drive Over Bunding Be Used?

Drive-over floor bunding can be used in high-traffic areas of your facility, and this includes the following:

  • Doorways, drum and liquid storage spaces.
  • Loading areas near docks.
  • Vehicle access areas.
  • Inside workshops
  • Around sheds
  • In wash areas.

How Long Does Drive Over Bunding Last?

This is where we come to the one negative aspect of flexible floor bunding. It doesn’t last as long as the rigid option of rubber floor bunding. Constant compression from the vehicles and flexing of the material over time will wear it down. Although the bund is very useful you may want to consider a more permanent choice if you don’t need forklift access.

If you’re considering using drive-over bunding, it’s a great choice for mobility and safety. When you’re ready to purchase, Spill Station Australia can help with your order as well as with any questions you have about installation and maintenance so contact them today. 

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Check if your mobile banking app offers these free features

In a world where your smartphone is your gateway to convenience, it’s frustrating when your mobile banking app feels more like a maze than a helpful tool. But fear not! We’re here to untangle the complexities and present a solution that will change the way you bank on the go. Let us explore a host of FREE features that will simplify and elevate your mobile banking experience.

10 unique features of the mobile banking app

Here are the 10 unique features that your mobile banking app must have.

1. Instant balance check

We’ve all been there – curious about your account balance during a shopping spree or just before a night out. With many mobile banking apps, you can quickly check your account balance without even logging in. Simply swipe down on the app’s login screen, and voilà! Your balance appears. No more waiting or navigating through menus – it’s all about instant gratification.

2. Quick and secure fund transfers

Need to split the bill with friends or send money to family? Some apps let you do it seamlessly. Transfer funds instantly between your accounts or to other bank accounts with NEFT, IMPS, or UPI. Plus, with its cutting-edge security measures, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and sound.

3. Bill payments made breezy

Gone are the days of writing checks or standing in line to pay bills. Mobile banking apps like IDFC FIRST Mobile Banking App lets you pay your utility bills, credit card bills, and more, all from the comfort of your phone. Set up recurring payments, and never miss a due date again.

4. One-tap mobile recharge

Say goodbye to scratch cards and long recharge processes. Top up your prepaid mobile numbers or DTH connections with a single tap on the app. It’s swift, hassle-free, and takes the chore out of staying connected.

5. Manage your debit card

Lost your debit card? Don’t panic. You can temporarily block or unblock your card using the app. You’re in control. And if you’re travelling, set up international usage or modify daily transaction limits – all within the app.

6. Keep an eye on transactions

Stay informed about your recent transactions effortlessly. Some apps provide real-time updates on your debit and credit activities, helping you spot any unauthorized or unfamiliar charges.

7. Locate ATMs and branches

Heading out and need cash? You can use the app to locate the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank ATMs and branches. No more wandering around in search of an ATM – we’ve got you covered.

8. Invest in fixed deposits

Planning for your future has never been simpler. Explore and invest in fixed deposits through the app. You can view the interest rates, calculate maturity amounts, and make investments with just a few taps.

9. View and download detailed statements

Need to review your monthly statements or access your e-statements for verification? It’s a breeze with the app. View, download, and even share your statements with ease.

10. 24/7 customer support

Got questions, or facing an issue? The major banking apps provide access to 24/7 customer support. Reach out anytime, anywhere, and get the assistance you need.

In a fast-paced world, mobile banking apps are designed to keep up with your lifestyle. From quick balance checks to secure fund transfers and bill payments to managing your debit card, major mobile banking apps offer a treasure trove of features that aim to simplify your financial journey.

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Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity is Proud to Announce the Addition of Hayley Long to the Leadership Team

A private equity investor with 35 years of experience operating companies and working as a fund manager, Mark Hauser has made a name for himself in several ways. The founder of Hauser Private Equity, the co-investment fund managing firm, has been led by Mark Hauser since inception as it seeks to raise future capital while focusing on private wealth and intermediary relationships.

Hauser Private Equity recently made headlines when Mark Hauser announced the addition of a new member to its executive team. The addition of Hayley Long as Investor Development Director was completed in August with the full support of Hauser and the rest of the group.

Mark Hauser stated, “Hayley has joined our team to contribute to and develop growth plans for future core funds as well as provide additional resources for our existing high-net-worth investors.”

Bringing on Hayley Long

Hayley Long comes to Hauser Private Equity through her work at global asset managers PGIM and Nuveen. While working at Nuveen and PGIM, Long would hone her trading and financial services skills while performing an additional four years in fund management.

Long said of her addition to the team, “I am delighted to announce that I have joined Hauser Private Equity as their Investor Development Director.”

Hayley Long would refer to HPE’s impressive portfolio, track record, and “esteemed Board of Directors.” Long would say, “I am honored to work with an industry-leading group of high-net-worth investors and to build upon the success of HPE’s distinctive co-investment fund model.”

The addition of Hayley Long comes when Hauser Private Equity is experiencing team-wide growth. HPE closed above its projections for Core Fund IV by almost 200%. Hauser would say, “We added over 50 new investors in Core Fund IV, which closed earlier this year.”

Get to Know Mark Hauser

Mr. Hauser is a veteran private equity investor with almost four decades of experience investing and operating companies. Hauser Private Equity features five funds, having invested more than $650 million in privately owned businesses nationally throughout a select and diverse set of sectors.

Mr. Hauser has served on the Board of Directors for consumer goods, beverage, and food brands. Hauser has also worked with government-contracted defense and security businesses in digital advertising and textile manufacturing.

Committed to the strength of local and privately held companies, Hauser is a co-owner of the Cincinnati Sports Club and the founder of the Big Brother Program at St. Xavier High School.

Mark Hauser would earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Finance while attending Miami University (OH).

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Aaron Kull: Changing Health Tech, Leading the Industry

In the dynamic landscape of health technology, where innovation shapes the future of healthcare, a figure stands out as both a catalyst for change and a guiding light for the industry. Aaron Kull, a visionary leader and health tech trailblazer, is not only changing the face of health technology but also setting the pace as a true industry leader.

Revolutionizing Health Tech Landscape

At the heart of Aaron Kull’s journey is a deep-rooted commitment to revolutionize the health tech landscape. His approach is marked by a restless curiosity and an insatiable hunger to solve complex healthcare challenges through technological innovation. Kull recognizes that the convergence of technology and healthcare holds the key to transforming patient care, and he’s at the forefront of driving this transformation.

Kull’s journey reflects his unique ability to see beyond the present and envision a future where health technology isn’t just a tool, but an integral part of healthcare delivery. From wearable devices that monitor vital signs to AI-powered diagnostic tools, Kull’s work is shaping a future where healthcare becomes more personalized, accessible, and effective.

Leading with Vision and Expertise

What sets Aaron Kull apart is not just his ability to innovate, but his prowess in leading with vision and expertise. As the driving force behind multiple health tech initiatives, Kull demonstrates a remarkable blend of visionary thinking and technical acumen. His leadership style is a harmonious blend of collaboration, strategic thinking, and a genuine commitment to advancing patient care.

Kull’s journey serves as a blueprint for industry leaders aspiring to drive change. He embodies the belief that true leadership is about fostering a culture of innovation, empowering teams, and relentlessly pursuing advancements that can make a real impact in the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

Trailblazing Industry Leadership

“Aaron Kull: Changing Health Tech, Leading the Industry”

is more than just a title; it encapsulates the essence of Kull’s journey. His impact reverberates far beyond innovation; it extends to leadership that guides the entire health tech sector. Kull’s ability to navigate the complexities of the industry, anticipate trends, and steer his teams towards achieving results is a testament to his trailblazing leadership.

Kull’s journey serves as an inspiration for both emerging and established professionals in the health tech field. He demonstrates that to lead the industry, one must not only embrace innovation but also possess the leadership qualities that inspire others to strive for excellence.

A Future Shaped With Aaron Kull

As Aaron Kull continues to make waves in health tech, his influence on the industry is undeniable. His journey symbolizes the ongoing transformation of healthcare through technology, and his leadership serves as a beacon for all those who aspire to drive change. Kull’s work isn’t just about changing health tech; it’s about changing lives by enhancing healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and reshaping the future of well-being.

In conclusion, Aaron Kull is more than a changemaker; he’s a leader who is not only changing health tech but also leading the industry towards a brighter, more innovative future. His journey is a reminder that true impact requires both vision and action, and his leadership is a testament to the immense possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and healthcare.

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Navigating the Guest Posting Maze: A Startup’s Guide in 2023 and beyond

In the expansive landscape of digital marketing, guest posting emerges as a labyrinthine challenge, filled with opportunities and pitfalls alike. For startups aiming to carve out a niche for themselves, understanding the intricacies of this maze can be the key to unlocking immense growth potential.

This guide aims to elucidate the complex passages of guest posting – from mastering the outreach process to solidifying brand credibility and amplifying organic reach through SEO strategies.

Guest Posting Services India (5000+ Guest Blogs Available at

Decoding the Art of Outreach

The foundation of any successful guest posting strategy lies in effective outreach. How do you ensure your pitch isn’t lost amidst the hundreds that influencers and bloggers receive daily?

  • Research is Paramount: Before hitting ‘send’ on that pitch email, invest time in understanding the platform. Familiarize yourself with their content tone, target audience, and most engaged topics. Tailoring your pitch to match their ethos drastically increases your chances of getting noticed.
  • Personalization Wins: Generic emails are easy to spot and even easier to ignore. Address the recipient by their name, cite specific articles you enjoyed from their platform, and explain how your proposed content complements their current offerings.
  • Value Proposition: What sets your content apart? Whether it’s a unique perspective, exclusive data, or a fresh take on a trending topic, ensure your pitch clearly highlights the unique value you bring to the table.
  • Follow Up, Don’t Pester: If you don’t receive a response, a gentle follow-up can be beneficial. However, remember there’s a thin line between showing genuine interest and becoming a nuisance.

Enhancing Your Brand’s Credibility through Guest Content

Guest posting isn’t just about generating backlinks. It’s a potent tool to position your startup as an authority in your industry.

  • Content Quality is Non-Negotiable: Prioritize well-researched, fact-checked, and articulate content. Readers value posts that offer insights, not fluff.
  • Share Real-world Case Studies: Narratives rooted in real experiences resonate deeply with audiences. Share challenges, solutions, and results your startup has encountered. It makes your content relatable and reinforces your expertise.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Once your post is live, actively respond to comments and feedback. This interaction humanizes your brand and demonstrates that you value your readers’ opinions.
  • Be Consistent: One-off guest posts can offer a temporary spike in visibility, but consistent contributions across various platforms solidify your standing in the industry over time.

Guest Post SEO: Boosting Your Organic Reach

Integrating SEO into your guest posting strategy can amplify your efforts, driving sustained organic traffic to your website.

  • Keyword Strategy: Collaborate with the host blog to understand which keywords they rank for. Craft your content around these keywords, ensuring their natural integration.
  • Optimize Anchor Text: While backlinks are a bonus of guest posting, their true potential shines when anchored to well-optimized text. This not only boosts the linked content’s SEO but also appears organic to readers.
  • Prioritize Do-follow Links: While no-follow links can drive traffic, do-follow links pass on the SEO juice, bolstering your site’s authority. Negotiate with your host platform to ensure your backlinks are do-follow, wherever possible.
  • Monitor & Analyze: Utilize tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to track the performance of your guest posts. Understand which platforms and topics are driving the most traffic and engagement, refining your strategy accordingly.

In conclusion, the intricate maze of guest posting, while daunting at first glance, unravels a path of exponential growth and brand credibility for startups that navigate it with finesse. It’s not merely about sporadic posts on random platforms; it’s a meticulous blend of outreach artistry, consistent credibility-building, and leveraging SEO for sustained organic growth.

With this guide in hand, startups are well-equipped to embark on their guest posting voyage, turning every twist and turn in the maze into opportunities for growth and recognition.

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The Impact of Political Events on Stock Market Investing

Political events have a significant impact on stock market investing. The decisions made by governments and political leaders can create both opportunities and risks for investors. Understanding the relationship between politics and the stock market is crucial for making informed investment decisions. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which political events influence the stock market and provide insights into how investors can navigate this dynamic landscape. Check more on how to invest in Share Market

Policy Changes: Political events often result in changes to government policies, regulations, and legislation. These changes can have a direct impact on specific industries, causing stock prices to fluctuate. For example, when a government announces new regulations or tax policies that favor renewable energy, stocks of renewable energy companies may rise. Conversely, policies that impose stricter regulations or increase taxes on certain industries may lead to a decline in stock prices. Investors need to stay updated on political developments and understand how policy changes can affect their investments.

Economic Stability: Political events can significantly impact a country’s economic stability. Elections, political scandals, or changes in leadership can create uncertainty and volatility in the stock market. Investors may become cautious and adopt a wait-and-see approach during such times, leading to market fluctuations. Moreover, political events can influence fiscal and monetary policies, which can impact inflation rates, interest rates, and economic growth. These macroeconomic factors play a vital role in determining stock market performance. Check more on how to invest in Share Market

Global Relations: Political events also have repercussions on international relations, trade agreements, and geopolitical stability. Trade wars, diplomatic tensions, or changes in global alliances can impact industries that rely heavily on international markets. For instance, tariffs imposed on imports can disrupt supply chains and impact the profitability of businesses. Investors need to consider the global implications of political events and assess the potential risks and opportunities for their investments.

Sentiment and Market Psychology: Political events can significantly influence investor sentiment and market psychology. Public perception of political stability or instability can impact investor confidence, leading to market volatility. Negative political events such as political unrest, corruption scandals, or geopolitical conflicts can create fear and uncertainty among investors. Conversely, positive political events like successful elections or policy reforms can boost investor confidence. Understanding the psychological impact of political events is crucial for investors to make rational decisions and avoid knee-jerk reactions. Check more on how to invest in Share Market

Sector-Specific Impacts: Political events can have varying impacts on different sectors of the economy. For example, healthcare stock may be affected by changes in healthcare policies, while defense stocks may be influenced by defense spending decisions. Investors should analyze how political events can affect specific sectors and adjust their investment strategies accordingly. Diversification across sectors can help mitigate risks associated with political events.


Political events have a profound influence on stock market investing. Policy changes, economic stability, global relations, investor sentiment, and sector-specific impacts are just a few of the ways in which politics can impact the stock market. Successful investors understand the interconnectedness between politics and the stock market and adapt their investment strategies accordingly. Check more on how to invest in Share Market.

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Tips & Tricks For Today’s CEOs With Kevin Modany

As a seasoned business consultant with decades of experience working with executive management teams, Kevin Modany has made a name for himself as an innovator. Now the Managing Director of Bluerock Partners, Kevin Modany, has spent a significant amount of his time helping to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow while guiding the leaders of today.

A look into Kevin Modany’s mindset would reveal a host of winning tips and tricks that both new and seasoned CEOs can adopt. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways Kevin Modany is helping new executive leaders to find success.

Business Leaders of Tomorrow: Key Tips and Traits

When a new CEO steps into a leadership role, they are put on the spot and must impress the other company leaders. CEOs may assume their position after decades of plying their trade in the field. In contrast, others might find a quicker trip to the top through strong technical expertise rather than managerial experience.

To even the playing field and give both types of leaders a chance at success, Kevin Modany urges them to do the following.

Developing Passion in the Workplace

First and foremost, Kevin Modany believes it to be of the utmost importance for executives to find something in their working hours that makes them passionate. Some CEOs love to work with their employees directly, navigating the field while engaging on a consistent basis. Other executives may prefer to work from their office, delegating other tasks to their team.

No matter what a leader focuses on, Kevin Modany urges them to make sure that it is an area of passion. Passionate and visionary leaders can lead their teams to new levels when inspired and motivated.

Maintain a Distinct and Visible Presence

The executive in the room should never seem like a ghost. Kevin Modany urges his followers to adopt a visible presence in the office or in the workplace. In today’s working environment, CEOs are becoming increasingly transparent, accessible, and ultimately visible.

Visible bosses have better chances at cultivating trust and positive employee engagement as they are seen as more honest and accessible.

Kevin Modany says, “If you ask me a question, I will give you the right answer. I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright. Sometimes it’s painful, but you’ve got to be truthful.”

Engage and Inspire Employees and Stakeholders

It is integral for executives to bring all essential stakeholders to the table to better understand their needs while setting the stage for further value creation. Modany says that leadership teams who utilize this style of approach are almost twice as l likely to find success versus the dated and more authoritarian view of these same interactions.

Modany praises inclusive CEOs for their ability to engage with and inspire both employees and stakeholders.

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Do High-Paying Referral Programs Exist? How to Identify and Join One?

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program is a high-paying referral program. You can earn decent money to fulfil most needs like pursuing hobbies, starting a dream business, paying rent and utility bills or supporting your parents.Simply download the app on your smartphone, register within minutes and start referring a personal loan.

Customers can borrow between ₹20,000 to ₹40 lakhs. Youcan earn a certain percentage of this amount as a commission once the loan is sanctioned. Now receive the payouts weekly in your registered bank account. This can be an excellent source of addedincome without hampering yourexisting job.Read on to know more.

Highest Paying Referral Program

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program gives you a chance to earn ₹50,000 and above per month. Find people who need urgent money among your friends, colleagues, neighbours and family members. Encourage them to consider a personal loan to meet their financial needs without hiccups. Explain the best features like a flexible tenureof 6 months to 60 months, low interest rates, simple documentation and ease of access.

This way people are more likely to consider the loan. This is a great passive income idea and is suitable for anyone who is an Indian citizen and 18 years of age. From a second income, it can slowly become your alternative career option and your primary work. Download the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner app, which is the highest paying refer and earn app and start earning to secure your financial future.

How to Find a High-Paying Referral Program

By choosing the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program, you get a fantasti creferral rewards program.Below are the features:

  • You get to associate yourself with a large reputed Indian bank. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank is a popular name and working for their referral program will help you earn the trust of your target audience. Ultimately, this increases the chances of a successful loan disbursal and significant income.
  • TheIDFCFIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program has the potential to help you earn ₹50,000 and higher. This is by offering a flat 1.5% per disbursal. You have to be consistent in your effort to achieve the desired results.
  • You do not require any form of investment. This makes it especially affordable for students and housewives. But make sure to invest some time in spreading the word and educate people well on personal loans. It can be done at any time at your convenience without any hard and fast set hours.
  • Participate in the referral program from the comfort of your home via an app like the IDFCFIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner app. Check if it is PCI DSS Security compliant for high-end data safety.

Avoid referral services that have a complicated and paid sign-up process. Pick the one that only requires you to upload a few basic documents, a photograph, bank account details and verify an OTP to finish the registration process. You will now receive a digital ID using which you can begin the referral services like suggesting the loan and helping the customers with filling out forms and document verification. By choosing the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program, you can enjoy these benefits.

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Unlocking the Benefits of Step-Up SIP Calculators

Investing in mutual funds through the systematic investment plan (SIP) mode is convenient. In this mode, you can opt for monthly investments. This feature makes SIP attractive to young people who have recently started working. Through this investment mode, you can start with a small amount. However, as your income increases, so can your monthly SIP investment. This facility is called the step-up SIP.

What is stepup SIP?

With the help of step-up SIP, you can increase your monthly mutual fund investment amount at fixed periodic intervals. Gradually increasing your investment amount might help you enjoy higher returns you may have enjoyed if you did not opt for the top-up SIP facility. Hence, increasing your SIP investment amount regularly is a wise choice.

How does it work?

The step-up SIP facility works in two ways. They are:

  • Percentage

The first way is annually increasing your investment amount by a fixed percentage. Let’s look at an example. You start your investment journey with a SIP investment of ₹3000. You want to raise your monthly investment amount annually by 10%. So, your investment amount after the top-up option is ₹3300 in the first year and the following year, it will increase by 10% throughout your investment tenure.

  • Amount

In this way, you can raise your monthly SIP amount by adding a fixed amount to your monthly mutual fund investment amount per year. For instance, you start investing at ₹5000  annually. You decide to increase your investment amount by ₹3000 every year. Hence, next year, your monthly investment amount will be ₹8000.

Regardless of the method chosen, you must know the step-up amount. An online increasing sip calculator can help you determine the top-up investment amount.

What are stepup SIP calculators?

A step-up SIP calculator can help you evaluate the potential returns on your monthly SIP investments. The SIP calculator with step-up computes the accumulated wealth at the end of your investment tenure. The SIP step-up calculator automatically considers the same step-up percentage every year and calculates the final SIP value of your investments.

How to use step up SIP calculator?

Step-up SIP calculators work on the following simple inputs:

  • Monthly investment amount
  • Growth rate expected
  • Duration
  • Step-up percentage

What are the advantages of stepup SIP calculators?

The following are some benefits of using a SIP calculator with step-up:

  • Easy to use

Online step-up SIP calculators are easy to operate. Just enter the required inputs such as the investment amount, investment duration, expected growth rate, and step-up percentage. The calculator will calculate the maturity amount after analysing the inputs.

  • Estimate returns

You can use these calculators to ascertainthe potential returns on your monthly SIP investments. These online step-up SIP calculators can also help you take sound mutual fund investment decisions. You can compare the returns using these calculators, which help you make informed decisions.

  • Timesaving

Computing step-up investment returns can take time apart from confusing. That’s where online calculators step in. These calculators will provide the results in seconds, saving time and energy. They are free to use regardless of the number of times you use it.


There are numerous other benefits of using an online step-up SIP Calculator. They have an enormous impact on your future financial health. So, what are you waiting for? Start your investment journey by using these calculators.

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