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How To Port From BSNL or Jio To Another Network?

MNP or mobile network portability is one of the best features available for telecom operators in the country. Now, telecom users can change their telecom service provider if they are unhappy with their service. For example, if you don’t want to use BSNL or Jio service, you can port to Vi or Airtel without changing your phone number.

On the other hand, you have to complete your postpaid bill payment and abide by various other rules and regulations to avail the service. If you are looking to port your telecom service provider from Jio or BSNL to any other service, you will find all the necessary details below.

Eligibility Criteria To Port From BSNL or Jio To Another Network?

Undoubtedly, you can change port your phone number from one service provider to the other if you are eligible to do so. We have listed the eligibility criteria for all the people who want to port from BSNL or JIO to any other network service provider.

  • When you are porting your phone number, you must be the first owner of the number. One should also not port the number during the change of ownership process.
  • There is no connection between the court of law and porting of the mobile number, nor does the court of law prohibit phone number porting.
  • One cannot port their phone number until they clear pending dues or any other subscription fee. In the case of postpaid connections, the customer must clear the BSNL postpaid bill payment ‘Outstanding Dues’ to be eligible for the porting service.
  • One can only change the telecom service provider after using the service for more than 90 days.

Documents Required To Port From Jio or BSNL To Any Other Network?

When you port your phone number to any other network service provider, you must submit your identity and address proof along with the porting code. Here is the list of the documents which you have to submit while porting your phone number,

  • Address proof or Aadhar card
  • A passport size photo, and
  • Porting code.

How To Port From BSNL or Jio To Any Other Network?

Before applying for a new connection, you must have a unique porting code from your current telecom service provider. All the BSNL users can send an SMS to PORT <SPACE> Mobile Number to 1900 to get UPC or Unique Porting Code.

Jio users can also use the same process to get the UPC before applying to other network service providers.

How to Port To Airtel From BSNL To Jio?

If you want to port to Airtel, then you have to visit the official website of Airtel and submit your UPC. You have to select the plan then and complete your payment from Airtel Payments Bank. Once done, an executive from the company will call you to take all the necessary documents. You can select the date and time slot based on your convenience. One can also pay BSNL bills on Airtel Payments Bank.

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Which is better Post Office FD or Bank FD

As you might know already, a fixed deposit is one of the best investment options for individuals looking for consistent returns and low investment risk. That said, banks aren’t the only ones offering the facility. Even Post Offices offer fixed deposits facilities for individuals like yourselves. So then, which one is better? A post office fixed deposit or a bank fixed deposit? Here’s what you need to know.

Post office fixed deposit vs Bank fixed deposit

Here’s a detailed comparison of the two fixed deposit schemes.

Post office fixed deposit Bank fixed deposit
Post office FDs come with a tenor of 1 to 5 years. The tenor of bank fixed deposit schemes range from 7 days to 10 years.
Depending on the tenor of your choosing, the post office FD interest rate can be anywhere from 5.5% to 6.7% Depending on the bank and the tenor of your choosing, the rate of interest can be anywhere from 2.9% to 6.75%
You can only prematurely withdraw a post office fixed deposit after 6 months from the date of deposit. You can prematurely withdraw a bank FD at any point in time.
The investment under 5-year post office FDs can be claimed as deductions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 to the tune of up to ₹1.5 lakhs each financial year. To claim deductions up to ₹1.5 lakhs each financial year under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you would have to opt for special tax-saving bank FDs.


However, these fixed deposit schemes tend to have lower interest rates compared to a post office fixed deposit.

The interest on post office FD is calculated on a quarterly basis and is paid out annually. With bank FDs, you can opt to receive the interest periodically, or choose to reinvest it for higher returns.


So, there you have it. Both post office FDs and bank FDs are great investment options for individuals. That said, if you prefer a more customizable tenor with the ability to prematurely withdraw your investment within 6 months of opening the account and the option to reinvest the interest, then bank FDs may just be the one for you. On the other hand, if you prefer high interest rates, periodical interest payouts, and the ability to claim your investment as deductions, then post office fixed deposits may be the way to go.

If post office FDs are something that you might be interested in, head on over to Finserv MARKETS to learn more about them. Also, while you’re there, you could also use our very own post office FD calculator to get an idea of the kind of returns that you’re likely to get.

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ULIP Plans – Understand its jargon

ULIPs have recently proved to be one of the most enriching investment options. In addition to offering a chance to generate wealth along with having life insurance, ULIPs help in many non-financial ways as well.  Having to choose the right fund to invest money in, teaches you to evaluate things logically and make smart decisions. ULIPs often come with a lock-in period. This means that you cannot withdraw from the policy for a certain amount of time. Hence, you have no option but to learn how to make regular and systematic investments over a longer period of time.

Even though they benefit you in so many ways, you must have a thorough knowledge of the policy before purchasing one. This means knowing about the various terms that are associated with it. Here are a few terms related to ULIPs that you should know about:

  • Fund value

Fund value is a term used to describe the value of your ULIP fund. Essentially, it is the sum of the monetary value of all your investment units. This means that it is a figure of how much money has your unit-linked fund reached.

  • Sum assured

Every type of insurance product has a term called sum assured. As the name suggests, it is an amount of money that has been promised to the policyholder. It is the main life coverage feature of ULIPs. In the case of the policyholder’s death, the nominee mentioned in the plan will receive a payout. This feature is also known as the death benefit.

  • Partial withdrawal

Withdrawal in itself means to remove or to extract. We hear of withdrawing numerous times in our daily lives. The biggest example you can look at is your bank account. Where you withdraw the money in the account for your own use. It is similar in the case of ULIPs. The money you give as a premium is invested into various funds. In the case of an emergency, if you need money you can go for a partial withdrawal from the investment fund. This means you can sell some units and get some money for your needs.

  • Fund switch

Switching means changing from one thing to another. This is something you can do with ULIPS as well. You may know that part of your premium goes towards an investment fund with the hopes of growing. However, these funds can perform well or bad depending on the market conditions. Hence, there is always a chance that your fund does the opposite of what you wanted it to do. Fortunately, ULIP plans have a feature of fund switching. This feature allows you to switch from one fund to another. If your fund is underperforming, you can contact your fund manager to put your money into another one. Insurance providers offer a certain number of free switches. If you switch more than your switching limit, you would have to pay a fee.

  • Top-up premium

If you have ever bought different types of insurance policies, you may be aware of the term top-up. ULIPs have a concept of top-ups too. However, it is different for other insurance products. With regular life insurance, you get a top-up and you simply buy more coverage. In the case of ULIPs, you pay an extra premium to buy units. Each of these units has a face value which means a monetary value. You can put these additional units into your coverage or investment funds.


The idea of a contract is based on the act of agreement. If two parties participate in a discussion and come to a common ground, it is called an agreement. A contract is an acknowledgement of that agreement. However, a contract is not just for settling discussions and disputes. It is also a sign of a promise. This especially applies to ULIPs. When you buy the policy, you enter into a contract with the insurance provider. The policy document is proof that you and the insurance provider have reached an agreement. This contract states that you will pay them a premium and they will offer life coverage and an investment opportunity.

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How Does amazon workspaces Fare Against the Odds?

Know that the Amazon WorkSpaces provide scalability. With that it also includes required Microsoft Active Directory (AD) services as part of the Workspaces pricing. Additionally, each amazon workspaces customer receives a more than 50 GB Amazon Work docs subscription.

Amazon Work Docs is a fully managed, secure document creation, storage, and collaboration service that enables you to effortlessly create, edit, and share material from any location and on any device.

As an AWS service, Amazon WorkSpaces is configured in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and may combine network security with incoming and outgoing security policies. If the company wishes to install services in EC2, this enables apps running on cloud to connect to the servers in the same way that they would on a local network.

The perks of using amazon workspaces

Ascertain that data is safe, regardless of the location from which it is accessed.

Because no data is kept on the local device and all data is encrypted at the business level regardless of the network access point, critical information is as secure whether accessed through free Wi-Fi at Starbucks or an airport as it is when accessed from behind the corporate firewall.

Ease of Deployment and Administration

Initial configuration time may be required for installing apps and transferring data. However, once established, it is straightforward. amazon workspaces enable you to bundle and deliver upgrades to your organization’s desktop apps quickly and securely.

End user device selection

The cloud platform is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including Windows and Mac PCs, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire and Android tablets, and web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Simple resource reconfiguration Workspaces may be dynamically enhanced with extra power or capacity as required by the use case.

The service will be monitoring interacts with AWS monitoring services, making it simple to monitor systems for performance problems.

Amazon cloud platform enables SMBs to take advantage of the many advantages of VDI according to research without making large upfront investments. Both hardware and software infrastructure will be included here. It may even assist a small company in transitioning to a fully serverless environment without sacrificing productivity or security.

Simple VDI for SMBs

Managing desktops has never been simpler than it is with Amazon Workspaces. Provisioning, installing, maintaining, and recycling are simplified since there is less hardware inventory to manage and no need for a complex virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that cannot expand.

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The Advantages of Using Inventory Storage Services for Your Company

One of the most important things to any company that depends on a steady supply of raw materials to sell is its stock availability. If you’re an exporter, manufacturer or distributor, your company’s inventory storage needs are very important to your bottom line. By automating this process, you can reduce losses due to spoilage, reduce inventory tracking and control, improve supply chain management and increase company productivity.

The benefits of inventory storage services for your business are not restricted to exporting companies only. Many retailers and wholesalers are able to benefit from the same technology and the same benefits as their main competitors. By storing inventories at a warehouse that is fully automated and linked to the internet, businesses can run collections of product in a matter of minutes rather than days. These inventories can be sourced from anywhere in the world, meaning that there is no hassle when it comes time to move stocks between locations.

The benefits of inventory storage are not limited to the company running the system though. They can also be beneficial to anyone who wants to get on board. Sellers can access information about inventories, pricing and stock levels with the click of a button. The ability to easily determine where to place products and how quickly to make room for them also means there is less downtime for staff members.

The benefits of inventory storage are not just for exporters either. Anyone who has a manufacturing company of any kind should look into whether this type of system could help them. An organized way to stock inventories allows people in the company to better monitor the status of stocks, which helps prevent slippage and increases company profits. It’s also a good idea for sales and marketing people to keep abreast of what’s going on in their field as well. Having easy access to data that is constantly updated will allow them to make informed guesses about what products are selling and which ones aren’t doing so well.

As well as the obvious advantages to business owners, the benefits of inventory storage extend to customers and other people in the community. Stores that stock up on their stock can cut down on long lines at the cashier and avoid the frustration of having to wait in such a long line. People who are shopping can also avoid having to suffer through an already crowded store when they know they can quickly find what they need nearby. If there are goods that have run out of stock, keeping track of them will allow a business owner to quickly make room for new stock as soon as they are back in stock.

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What Can RPA Services Do for My Business?

Although it seems that RPA is the future of robotics, a lot of people are still skeptical of this technology. This is because they have not yet tried to use it and do not understand the huge benefits that they can get from it. If you are one of these people who are not yet convinced about RPA, then this article will provide you with some useful tips that you can use in order to convince others about the importance of having an RPA system. First of all, you need to know that these types of robots are much more than just remote control vehicles; they are actually able to make an enormous difference in the way that a company operates.

The first thing that you need to do is to understand that RPA robots are superior to the previous types of robotic automation. Before computers were developed, human interaction was required in order for them to do their tasks. However, as computers became more intelligent, it was easy for them to take over most of the tasks that were previously handled by people. However, thanks to RPA, there is now a third way to control machines-the graphical user interface, or GUI.

What makes rpa services so special is the fact that it uses an artificial intelligence, or an artificial intelligence system, in order for it to work. The artificial intelligence used by RPA robots is similar to the programs used by machine learning researchers today. Machine learning uses complex mathematical algorithms in order to give computers highly intelligent programs that can function independently. In order for a machine learning robot to accomplish its task, however, it needs a human in order to make sure that it performs appropriately.

RPA robots are able to significantly reduce the total number of human tasks that need to be performed in a manufacturing facility. These robots allow workers to spend more time on other jobs, thereby increasing the productivity of the entire operation. This means that even though there are a few extra hours in a worker’s day, these extra hours can be put to good use-not just during the regular work week, but also any overtime hours required due to the high levels of individual robotics work. In short, RPA robots allow for a significant increase in the level of overall efficiency in a manufacturing operation. The increased productivity leads to cost savings, which lead to profit.

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Factors that could jeopardize the trading career

Trading is a competitive sector where every person needs to find out what is happening. The industry is online and decisions have to be made instantly. Scammers are found to be universally present in Forex where they have spread false information among the community. Many people believe in their rumor and it’s challenging to change their perception. For example, the concept of the Holy Grail has no basis. This is a made-up formula to sell vague concepts to interested customers who are looking for shortcuts.

These people produce the solution but making an artificial concept. Traders keep on looking for this solution and gets derailed from their career. This is one of the ideas which can destroy a potential career. We are going to explain many facts that have been circulating in Forex for years. If you want to advance to the professional stage, you must be aware of these concepts.

Replicating a method is profitable

If you replicate a plan without knowing the basics, this is not going to work. Trading is a sophisticated market where every decision has to be made after analysis. A simple pattern mag appears confusing if analyzed. Investors struggle with developing a formula and they consider stealing a good plot. This will save time and they are not taking away money. The original trader will get the result and this would not affect the performance. Unfortunately, this task has a long-term effect on the career. Initially, the method will give money but when changes are made depending on the situation, this will remain unknown to the individual.

In this way, losing money becomes common. Not even the best plot can save a person if the plan is not developed individually. If you have this idea, get this out of mind before it overtakes the analysis. Instead of going through all these complex process, get a demo account from Saxo capital markets and learn to trade by yourself.

High volatility implies more profit

Profit is not related to volatility. The market can be volatile for thousands of reasons but traders need to wait for the right opportunity. A community believes they will make more money when the prices are moving unexpectedly. As every movement implies profit, this is a good chance for placing an order. Trades are opened but they realize they are losing money. This is a common scenario for investors yet they keep on doing this for years. Success depends on the practice and skills acquired through demo performance. High volatility is best to be averted as the trends are not predictable. Scalpers may use but for the majority, this is a trap. Consistent volatile is preferred as they are simple to analyze.

Directly using advanced strategies

People believe if they start implementing advanced methods, it would be easier to make money. Basic techniques are not prepared to comprehend the market scenario. Many factors can affect the prices which can only be managed with an advanced solution. This prompts them to ignore mastering the fundamental skills and directly apply professional knowledge. There are many drawbacks such as not knowing to manipulate the decisions. They will only follow the common trend instead of improvising when required. Most advanced courses are designed for managing a fortune where losses are ignored. As customers generally start with micro-account, they cannot afford the losses. If a person can manage, in the future that individual is going to need help. It is possible to go back to learning the basics. This will disrupt the harmony of progress.

Deploying robots improve the result

Software is not the solution to making money. The sounds appealing but investors should depend on their skills. The sophisticated pattern of the market cannot be comprehended by software. The programs are only designed to give a preset output for the traders. Never in your career use this software as it will distract from the goals.

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Why You Should Consider Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is particularly suitable for small businesses that have low cash flow because of outstanding invoices. It provides you with immediate cash that can help with running the business. But before we explore some of the reasons why you should consider invoice factoring, let’s first understand what invoice factoring entails.

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring involves turning outstanding invoices into cash for immediate use. The process is simple and quick. The process goes like this; the business owner sells his or her outstanding invoices to an invoice factoring company that pays a lump sum, usually between 70%-90% of the total invoice.

Invoice factoring can help businesses acquire the cash they need to keep the business running smoothly. So businesses don’t have to wait for up to 90 days for their customers to make payments. When they contact an invoice company, they will get the cash they need within a few days.

Why you should consider invoice factoring

Here are reasons why you should consider invoice factoring:

  • Instant cash flow

One of the main reasons why business owners should consider invoice factoring is because it gives them instant cash flow. When you need cash and decide to apply for a loan, it will take months for it to get approved. Chances are also that your loan application may be denied. But if your application is approved, it may again take more time for you to receive the loan.

But with invoice factoring, you will get access to cash as quickly as possible so that your business can keep running as smoothly as it can. Invoice factoring is the best alternative if you need money for your business and you cannot afford to wait weeks or months to get your loan approval or for your customers to pay you.

  • You are the controller

Another reason why you should consider factoring your invoice is that this process allows you to take full control over everything. You are the only person who can decide how many invoices you want to factor, when you want to factor them, who to factor them to, and what you will do with the money after factoring your invoice. This full control comes with great flexibility.

  • Your business will not incur any debt

With invoice factoring, your business will not incur any debt. You won’t pay anyone for generating cash. One thing you need to remember is that invoice factoring is not a loan; it is basically the amount of money your business will receive in the future from your customers. A factoring company can pay you up to 90% of the value on your invoices.

  • Invoice factoring does not require any collateral

When it comes to loans or any other source of finance, you will have to submit collateral to secure it, but this is not the case with invoice factoring- it does not require any collateral. The invoice is what basically acts as collateral, meaning that you will not have to submit house, equipment, or anything valuable to act as collateral.

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Leading Indicators Before Trends or Lagging Indicators After Trends?

If you are here, then we can assume that you are using indicators. If not, at least you are aware of them or interested in learning about them, right? Some of the popular ones include the Bollinger bands, MACD lines, parabolic SAR, stochastic oscillator, relative strength index, average directional index, Ichimoku Kinko Hyu, and many more. Indicators may fall under one of the two types: leading and lagging. We will get to know more about what this means as we go on.

Team leading indicators or team lagging indicators?

Leading indicators give out signals right even before a new trend or reversal happens. If you know how the price will behave next, then you might get a better profit. Usually, these indicators tell us how overbought or oversold something is. Assuming that a currency pair is oversold, then it tends to bounce back.

On the other hand, lagging indicators give out a signal when the trend already started. It makes you aware that the trend already started, and you might be missing out. We can say that these indicators are effective when the price moves in long trends. Unlike leading indicators, they do not give information about price changes that are about to happen. However, they can tell you if the price is either falling or rising, which can help you make better trading decisions.

Are these important to know?

If you use leading indicators because you think that they will give you a better profit, you might be right since you can take better profits from new trends in the beginning. However, you might not always be right all the time since it is impossible to catch the whole movement all the time since the leading indicators are not always correct, are they?

Leading indicators can also give you fake-outs when you use them. After all, they only indicators, and they do not guarantee anything. If anything, they are there to guide you and help you develop trading ideas. Sometimes, they can also give bogus signals that might leave you with misleading information.

If you want to avoid these fake-outs, then you have another option. You can always choose lagging indicators that only give out signals after the price change already have a clear and formed trend. There may be times that your position entry is late. If you should know, you can attain the trend’s most significant gains in its first few bars. If you use a lagging indicator, you might miss that much profit. Buying or selling late may indeed leave you missing out on early opportunities, but it will not leave you in danger of risks and fake-outs.

Weigh all the consequences that genuinely matter to you, whether your basis your knowledge or experiences.

To cap it off

It might be safe to say the leading indicators are mostly oscillators, while lagging indicators are the ones that follow trends. For better trading results, it might be wise to use leading indicators when the market is ranging, and lagging indicators work best when the market is trending. Happy trading!

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SAP AMS: A Software For Business Management

In this modern world of business and marketing, the management in terms of applications and database is mandatory to stay updated in the company’s position. Technical support is required in maintaining proper business operations. The usage of SAP has been beneficial to the majority of business firms.

Utility of sap

In this struggling and competitive world of business, sap ams must stay upgraded in terms of technology and business management. The utility is as follows:

  • Business intelligence – The process of deciding which direction should be taken for the business’s success depending upon the company’s current standing. SAP helps to collect all the information of all the firm’s business sectors and bring that on a single platform. This helps in making the analyzing process more convenient and efficient. With its automation processes that are integrated into the application software a detailed and easy analysis reports can be created. The evaluation of such reports helps the business intelligence process.
  • Budget wise – the key importance of SAP is it is cost-efficient and saves a ton of your money. If the business installs the SAP software, it successfully saves a lot of funds on several fronts. The SAP assistance is that all-rounder who can integrate every process in the software. It is that one single platform that has the solutions of several other platforms. With the help of SAP, the company doesn’t need to use multiple platforms to carry out functions. The expense of hiring employees to do those tasks are also cut down. SAP also saves a lot of time as data collection and other functions are not done manually. The time and money thus saved can be used to carry out other processes and important projects.
  • Operational support – The even and smooth flow of data through all the platforms is necessary for the success of any organization. With the help of SAP software, the reports and records can be delivered with much ease and faster. It also aids the HR department of the organization by collecting and organizing required data from the employee and improving the recruitment process.

In developing business firms, there is a need for upgrading the business systems for automating some features to fasten the marketing and accounting. There are certain features of a department where digitization is required. In such cases, the sap is required. The data storing is done on a cloud server so that it is accessible by the concerned authorities at any given time from any location in the world. It becomes necessary to upload the material on the cloud as it is the need for new trends and market cultures.

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