Finding Success & Innovation With Keter CEO, Alejandro Pena

Thanks to the international nature of the internet and the way that it makes it easy for brands to build popularity, there is always something new to pay attention to in the commercial space. Keter Group has existed for 75+ years as a purveyor of recyclable products built for indoor/outdoor home and garden spaces. Utilizing recyclable resin and a broad catalog of affordable products, Keter Group has reached the depths of 100 different countries, all under the leadership of CEO Alejandro Pena.

Pena was brought on board in 2017 to help the business as it expanded into international regions. With material manufacturing plants in North America, Israel, and throughout Europe, the company continues to grow even after the pandemic.

Recyclable materials may make Keter Group’s products last longer, but it isn’t the primary reason that people are purchasing from the brand. Instead, it is due to Keter’s change in approach to its clientele.

Pena says of Keter, “We see Keter becoming more of a consumer-centric company where our brands will play an even bigger role in our business model.”

Omnimarketing and Digital Evolution

Understanding the stance of the global digital economy, Alejandro Pena has worked with Pasquale Iannone (Keter’s CFO) to develop an omnichannel marketing plan that ingratiates the brand in its different regions. From visuals and messages to auditory experiences, the team of marketers at Keter can create the seamless experience that their clients are looking for. Creating a seamless marketing plan from one channel to the next makes it easier for potential Keter guests to make their purchases.

Pena says his goal is to develop Keter into a company that can serve customers wherever they are, whenever they want, in any way possible. Pena added, “This might be in a physical store, digital store, delivered, picked up – whichever way customers want to engage, we will be there.”

Growth in the Global Market

Originally developed as a family-owned brand and business in Israel, Keter brought on Alejandro Pena to help turn the business into a more international one. Since 2017, Pena has been working with Keter to better transform its branding into one that fits the global platform. Pena says of his goal, “The intent is to build a consumer-centric, branded, innovative business out of the foundational business.”

Looking at its roots, Keter has already enjoyed prosperity throughout the United Kingdom, Israel, and the United States. The goal of the company is to continue expanding so that its brand recognition can grow. Pena added in an interview, “Keter will continue to be the most innovative company in the industry.”