Institutional trading at ADSS – an updated review (2023)

Institutional trading refers to the buying and selling of financial securities on behalf of institutional investors, such as mutual funds, asset managers, hedge funds, and retail banks. Differing from retail trading, institutional traders often handle much larger trade volumes and require faster and more precise trading tools, research, and resources. Institutional traders also trade on behalf of their clients or institution they represent. As such, finding a broker that can meet their needs carries higher stakes than regular retail trading.

In this ADSS review, we will examine the investment company’s capacity in fulfilling the needs of its institutional traders. If you are a financial professional looking to create an account to start trading, read on to learn more about the background of ADSS, as well as its functions, features, and benefits when it comes to institutional trading. Remember that trading comes with risk, regardless of your experience and skill level. You should therefore not only select a broker that fits your needs, but also ensure you make informed decisions at every step of the way to minimise the potential for losses.

What is ADSS?

ADSS is a global financial services company that operates as a broker. It provides a range of services for trading various financial clients, including indices, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and equities. ADSS offers access to global markets, while headquartered in the UAE. It is regulated and authorised by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE, and it is also regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom where it has offices.

As a broker, ADSS provides their own bespoke platform as well as a strong partnership with MT4, a multi-asset trading platform their clients can also access. They also provide live market data as well as educational tools and resources to cater to the diverse need of their traders and investors. The company has a focus on providing a fair and transparent trading environment, and all trades are executed without charging commissions. It also has a solid multilingual support team that is available 24/5.

Institutional trading at ADSS

Providing sophisticated OTC trading products for clients, alongside competitive spreads and deep liquidity, ADSS is a solid option for institutional traders. The broker offers bank, non-bank, and regional liquidity pools to enable fast execution and a sophisticated trading experience to brokers, banks, hedge funds, and asset managers.

Features of institutional trading at ADSS

When it comes to institutional trading at ADSS, here are some of the features the broker offers:

  • Wide range of instruments

The first feature ADSS offers is a wide range of instruments, including over 65 currency pairs available for spot FX trading, precious metals trading, and CFDs on over 1,000 single stocks from global exchanges. When trading, ADSS provides deep levels of liquidity across many of these instruments to allow for fast and precise trade execution.

  • ADSS trading desk

The broker offers a trading desk for its institutional traders that is a far more sophisticated version of the support team they offer for retail traders, with expert and specialised knowledge. This trading desk operates 24/5 and is multilingual, and institutional traders can seek help through voice execution. The trading desk also provides information on market research and analysis to keep traders up to date.

  • Hosting and colocation

ADSS partners with leading providers over the world so that clients can access low latency infrastructure hubs. This allows their institutional traders to execute complex strategies quickly, decreasing the potential for slippage, errors, and failures. ADSS works with LD4 in London and NY4 in New York, and traders can access a low latency FIX API for pricing and trading when they become a client.

  • Global liquidity network

Finally, ADSS has over 30 sources of liquidity available through their platform so that their clients can best optimise their trades. With such a strong network, clients can trade with low latency and high flexibility. Some of their connectivity includes PrimeXM, Gold-I, Fastmatch, Lucera, TraderTools, and First Derivatives.

Prime brokerage services

In terms of managing your business and helping it grow, ADSS provides the tools that are needed to create a strong brand while managing client portfolios efficiently. The broker offers institutional traders prime brokerage services, including state-of-the-art technology and through their strong network of global partnerships. Three of their main benefits as stated by the company itself include:

  • Bespoke liquidity solutions

The feature: Institutional traders have access to a deep, multi-layer liquidity pool. Traders can also access margin or give-up accounts, and they can tap into an extensive network of market-leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 bank and non-bank market makers.

Our opinion: For traders who need fast execution and real time price updates, this is vital. With ADSS’ strong global network, access to a deep liquidity pool is easy for institutional traders.

  • White label opportunities

The feature: ADSS also offers white label opportunities so that brokers, firms, and hedge funds can repackage their services under their own brand name. This provides businesses with the tools they need to monitor client trading, while ADSS itself delivers extensive back-office support.

Our opinion: Any broker that offers white label opportunities is automatically a superior one if you are looking to build your business, whether it is a hedge fund, financial firm, or investment brokerage. With ADSS being an established and experienced broker, its back-office support is a huge benefit and can be a great help to those just setting up their institution. It is also a relatively easy way to create a strong brand from the very beginning, if you are just starting out in the business.

  • Sophisticated margin solutions

The feature: ADSS offers an advanced and intuitive platform to help traders manage risk and make efficient use of their capital with leveraged trading. The company also provides a Net Open Position (NOP) line for trading on a case-by-case basis.

Our opinion: This level of sophistication is a great feature from ADSS. An NOP line can help traders calculate and manage the overall exposure or risk that it faces when investing in financial instruments. This not only can help them decrease the potential to incur losses, but also keep institutions compliant with regulations surrounding the maximum amount of risk one can take. This ensures that institutions are well-monitored, which can also lead to an optimisation of capital allocation.


ADSS provides a wide range of instruments and sophisticated tools for institutional traders who are looking to trade in a more advanced manner. There is a strong focus on providing market-moving information, and there is also a good set of tools implemented to manage risks, maximise returns, and optimise portfolio performance. Overall, this leading MENA broker does live up to its name, and there is a strong case for working with them.