The Dos and Don’ts When Responding to Negative Reviews

Online reviews are vital for building customer loyalty, generating new leads, and boosting sales. However, you need to know that not everyone will be 100% satisfied. You will have negative reviews at some point, and it is okay. One thing you must never do is take negative reviews personally. Actually, the negative reviews might be something good. So, when dealing with company reviews, here are the dos and don’ts.

The Dos

  • Reply Professionally

Whenever you respond to negative reviews, try to remain as professional as possible. Make sure your response is public and explain your side of the story. Whether someone posted on your blog or social media page, ensure you leave a response that everyone can see. You can also offer an opinion to ensure people view the issue from different perspectives.

  • Consider Private Messages

Even if you post publicly, it could also be a good idea to send a private message. It shows the client that you are giving them individual attention and you care about them. The private message should expound on the issue and provide more details. This will be crucial when dealing with private information.

  • Always Apologize

A simple apology can change the mind of the unhappy customer and they may even update their review. Don’t look for excuses to escape the problem. Apologize for how things have been and ask for another opportunity to rectify things.

  • Diagnose

Investigate the issue and don’t blame anyone for what happened. The important thing here is to fix the problem and not to blame other people.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Take Them Down

It may be tempting to take the negative reviews down. Don’t! It only shows how rude you are. There are many places the customers can leave reviews. So, taking a negative review down does not mean they will stop. It is unethical and not allowed.

  • Don’t Respond Immediately

Your immediate response to a negative review can be returning fire with fire. Don’t do that. Stay away from your keyboard for a while. Let your emotions come down and assess the situation. A poor response could ruin your reputation and how other people, even happy clients, feel about you. So, don’t take things personally. Take some time to review the situation and respond when you calm down.

  • Don’t Ignore Them

A negative review spreads faster than a positive one, and you must know how to deal with that dissatisfied customer. Once you ignore a negative review, it indicates that you don’t care about your customers. Furthermore, customers will question how you will help them should they find themselves in similar situations. So, always respond politely and professionally.

  • Don’t Be Impolite

If you feel a review is unfair, it is easy to get angry and defensive. Once you feel this, step back. A bad response could do more harm than you think. Not everyone knows how to talk politely or approach a situation maturely. Understand this and reserve that burning rude answer in your head. A bad reaction will only ruin your reputation and infuriate the customer who is already angry. It is hard, but it will prove worth it in the long run.


These are the dos and don’ts of dealing with negative reviews. It is crucial to remain professional, polite, and respond to the reviews. It will build your reputation and help increase sales.