Partnership Announced Between Dante Labs and Al Farabi Medical Labs to Bring Genomic Testing to Saudi Arabia

Al Farabi Medical Laboratories, which is one of the top medical laboratories in Saudi Arabia, and Dante Labs are proud to announce a commercial partnership that will provide individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a range of clinical genomic tests that can be used to improve their self-knowledge and healthcare options. The genomic tests will include Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing. In addition, through the partnership, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can offer its citizens non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in the Kingdom’s regions.

About Dante Labs

Andrea Riposati is the CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs. Riposati was recently quoted regarding the partnership when it was made public in a joint press release on November 9, 2022.”We very much look forward to this exciting partnership and especially look forward to supporting the continued growth of Al Farabi Medical Labs. Al Farabi Medical Labs has demonstrated cutting-edge vision, and together, I believe we can enable whole genome sequencing-driven healthcare for individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mohamed Marie, Al Farabi Medical Laboratories founder, and general manager, stated, “We are humbled to be able to leverage the technology and proven expertise of Dante Labs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Farabi Medical Laboratories has grown to more than 50 branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is a well-respected medical lab. We are happy to say that Dante Labs will become our partner in genetic testing and other genomic solutions that will benefit the people of Saudi Arabia. As always, our goal is to offer our patients the best possible services in genomics, just as we have in every other area of healthcare. This shared mission is the basis of our new partnership with Dante Labs.”

 Genomic Sequencing

Dante Labs is a global genomic company that develops and markets a new class in transformative health and longevity apps based on whole genome sequencing. The genetic testing company’s platform improves patient outcomes, preventive medicine, and personalized medicine. The company owns one of the most comprehensive private genome databases, which includes research consent. It also has proprietary software to unlock the potential of genomic data at a large scale. These proprietary processes enable Dante Labs to implement an industrial approach in genomic sequencing.

Since its inception, Al Farabi Medical Labs has pursued the policy to attract and localize the most modern and advanced diagnostic techniques to work in difficult equations in medicine in terms of quality and speed of results. It also has a stellar reputation for charging fair prices for the company’s services. Al Farabi Medical Labs follows a strict policy of adhering to local and international standards. CBAHI and JCI are the international accreditations that Al Farabi Medical Labs has achieved due to its outstanding methods and adherence to regional and international standards of health care.