If you have a warehouse or factory, building maintenance cannot be overlooked, and the roof is indeed a critical component that protects the interior from the harsh elements, which can easily be damaged. The secret to good roof maintenance lies with regular roof inspections, which can be carried out by a local commercial roofing company, and with regular inspections, there will be no nasty surprises.

Metal Warehouse & Factory Roofing

Corrugated galvanised steel is the ideal roofing material, which is bolted together onto an aluminium substrate, using silicone to seal the roof. If you hire the industrial roofing services in Perth, they would carry out the roof inspection and issue you with a detailed written report on every aspect of the roof. This could be carried out every quarter, and while the roofing team are there, they can clean out the guttering and power wash the roof, improving the visual appeal of your business premises.

Checking for Leaks

A small leak can cause a lot of damage before it is finally evident, and the roof maintenance team would ‘walk’ every inch of the roof, checking fasteners and sealant, repairing or replacing anything that is less than complete. Flat roofing can easily accumulate water, and with debris carried by gale force winds, the roof can be damaged, and it is worth an inspection after some heavy weather.

Power Cleaning Guttering

This is an essential service, as roof guttering collects all sorts of debris, and wet leaves soon cause an obstruction. A very heavy downpour, for example, can be disastrous if you have blocked guttering, so it is wise to have the system cleaned and that includes the downpipes. Pigeons and other birds like to nest in the alcoves of industrial roofing, and the inspection team would remove nests and clean up. A serious roofing issue could halt production and seriously affect your business, therefore a regular roof inspection is called for.

Sourcing a Commercial Roofing Company

This is quite easy thanks to Google, and when you are looking at websites, look for industry awards, as these are strong indicators of quality work, and once they add your premises to their schedule, you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands. You might prefer the team to pay you a quarterly visit, to inspect the roof (and surrounds), or you might like a monthly visit, and once you are connected, a quick call will have the roofing team on-site.





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