Biggest Cyber Breaches In India

The age of digital technology is here. Due to the expanded use of digital technology across industries, practically anything can now be accomplished through the internet. On the other hand, having a healthy digital presence brings the possibility of a security breach.  It is now critical to use all means and stay safe about your personal information.

According to research, India had 86 million cyber breaches in 2021, placing it third worldwide in terms of the number of cyber breaches. Hence it is essential to have cyber insurance in india. Following are some of India’s most significant data breaches during 2019 and 2021.

  1. Data breach (may 2020)

This particular website serves as an online education platform. It was established in 2015, and some of its earliest backers included some big names in tech. The corporation admitted that a security breach had occurred, which put the accounts of 22 million individuals registered on their website at risk.

The fact that sensitive information like usernames, email addresses, and passwords was placed up for sale on the dark web was brought to light by a cyber security company.

  1. Online Grocery Platform for sale on dark web (october 2020)

A company specialising in cyber intelligence claims that this particular online grocery shopping site had been placed for sale in a marketplace for online criminality.

The right authorities checked for the accuracy of the data that the company was offering for sale, and informed the company on November 1 that a security compromise had occurred. Names, personal identification numbers (PINs), mobile phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, IP addresses, and localities were among the data.

  1. On the dark web, you can buy an online payment platform(January 2021)

A web-based platform that was developed specifically for usage in connection with mobile phone-based financial transactions was the target of data breachers at one point. In January 2021, the company disclosed that a server had been breached, resulting in the theft of data that contained the disguised card data and card fingerprints of 35 million consumers.

An unused access key was utilised in the hacking of the data. According to the findings of a cybersecurity researcher, the information was sold on the dark web for five thousand dollars. You may see the relevance of cyber insurance in india when you consider that the data of such large corporations are not always secure.

The cyber insurance coverage covers online risks. It may not be possible to retrieve the data that was compromised; however, it will be possible to receive financial support and assistance if you become embroiled in a legal proceeding.


These were some of the most significant cyberattacks launched against India between 2019 and 2021.

Since cyber-attacks are unavoidable, purchasing cyber security insurance to secure online data is necessary. Ensure that your information is covered by insurance, so you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. With daily technological advancements, it is becoming challenging for the legal system to keep track of all data breaches, let alone bring justice.

In this scenario, the best strategy for businesses, government agencies, and individuals is to implement security measures to prevent these attacks.

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