Tips & Tricks For Today’s CEOs With Kevin Modany

As a seasoned business consultant with decades of experience working with executive management teams, Kevin Modany has made a name for himself as an innovator. Now the Managing Director of Bluerock Partners, Kevin Modany, has spent a significant amount of his time helping to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow while guiding the leaders of today.

A look into Kevin Modany’s mindset would reveal a host of winning tips and tricks that both new and seasoned CEOs can adopt. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways Kevin Modany is helping new executive leaders to find success.

Business Leaders of Tomorrow: Key Tips and Traits

When a new CEO steps into a leadership role, they are put on the spot and must impress the other company leaders. CEOs may assume their position after decades of plying their trade in the field. In contrast, others might find a quicker trip to the top through strong technical expertise rather than managerial experience.

To even the playing field and give both types of leaders a chance at success, Kevin Modany urges them to do the following.

Developing Passion in the Workplace

First and foremost, Kevin Modany believes it to be of the utmost importance for executives to find something in their working hours that makes them passionate. Some CEOs love to work with their employees directly, navigating the field while engaging on a consistent basis. Other executives may prefer to work from their office, delegating other tasks to their team.

No matter what a leader focuses on, Kevin Modany urges them to make sure that it is an area of passion. Passionate and visionary leaders can lead their teams to new levels when inspired and motivated.

Maintain a Distinct and Visible Presence

The executive in the room should never seem like a ghost. Kevin Modany urges his followers to adopt a visible presence in the office or in the workplace. In today’s working environment, CEOs are becoming increasingly transparent, accessible, and ultimately visible.

Visible bosses have better chances at cultivating trust and positive employee engagement as they are seen as more honest and accessible.

Kevin Modany says, “If you ask me a question, I will give you the right answer. I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright. Sometimes it’s painful, but you’ve got to be truthful.”

Engage and Inspire Employees and Stakeholders

It is integral for executives to bring all essential stakeholders to the table to better understand their needs while setting the stage for further value creation. Modany says that leadership teams who utilize this style of approach are almost twice as l likely to find success versus the dated and more authoritarian view of these same interactions.

Modany praises inclusive CEOs for their ability to engage with and inspire both employees and stakeholders.