The rise of Turkish builders

If you are looking for a Turkish shipyard, look no further – we have collected Top-3 shipbuilders located in this beautiful country. 

Dunya Yachts

The Turkish word for “world” (dunya) aptly captures their worldview and way of thinking. Whether constructing a brand-new yacht or updating an existing one, Dunya shipyard’s team members always come through with the goods thanks to cutting-edge facilities, engineering know-how, talented craftsmen, and solid financial support. Based on these findings, we can confidently say that Dunya shipyard is not only the best in Turkey, but among the best in the world.

Their dedication to construction, skill in seeing a project through from its inception to completion, and innate need to please customers will guarantee their satisfaction at every turn.


Turquoise Yachts, constructed in Turkey, are among the world’s best. The shipyard has been in business since 1997, and throughout that time they have completed over 20 megayachts. The yard has a track record of delivering high-quality yachts up to 77 metres in length and 1950 gross tonnes. 

Whether you are just getting started in the Superyacht industry or you already have a fleet, a Turquoise Yacht is a worthy investment.


When it comes to Turkish-made yachts, Bilgin models consistently rank among the best. The shipyard has been in business since 1900 and has completed twenty or more superyachts. With a maximum length of 80 metres and a maximum gross tonnage of 1680 GT, the yard has been turning out high-quality yachts for their clients.

A Bilgin Yacht is an excellent investment whether you are just getting started with Superyachts or you already have a fleet.