How Kevin Modany Turned an Executive Consultant Role into the Career of a Lifetime.

Kevin Modany has made a career out of providing businesses with the kind of information that they need in order to make winning decisions in the marketplace of ideas. An executive consultant since 2016, Kevin Modany has plied his trade at the highest levels of executive leadership, providing key details and insights to executives who need to make decisions that impact many people in the industry.

Kevin Modany took time out of his day to share insights he had learned along the way, preparing future executive consultants for the work they will be doing in the field. Let’s look at what Kevin Modany believes an executive consultant should be able to accomplish.

Inside the Mind of an Executive Consultant

An executive consultants should have a well-rounded set of skills that they can deploy in order to help overcome hurdles and challenges as they are presented with them. Kevin Modany suggests that an executive consultant is someone who is a recognized expert in certain subject matters, providing key insights to CEOs and other senior executives along the way on the topics of operational efficiency, finances, and strategic planning.

Executive consultants are required to have excellent communication skills as they must quickly, succinctly, and clearly transmit the knowledge that they have to the appropriate audience. Executive consultants can take on short-term and long-term assignments, though temporary positions are more likely.

Trends in the Future to Pay Attention To

Executive consultancy isn’t protected from changes in the industry due to technology, just like any other field. As a result, Kevin Modany believes it is of the utmost importance to always be ready to learn and advance your knowledge when working in this field.

Kevin Modany outlined a few other driving trends that are worth paying attention to as an executive consultant, so let’s expound on them below.

  • Digital Platform Expansion – From the way we rent movies to how we order food, digital platforms have taken over day-to-day activities. Executive consultants must be prepared to meet the needs of these new digital operations, implementing digitally-based strategies that incorporate data and analytics.
  • Business Model Adoption – A highly competitive industry doesn’t leave much room for error. Kevin Modany works with business leaders as they seek to adapt new revenue streams through service offerings or new products.
  • Career Growth – Companies that focus on consultants while increasing productivity will find that they have an edge compared to competitors. The employment of consultants in the future is steadily looking to rise, showing the importance of the position.

Ultimately, career executive consultants are being increasingly looked to in order to help business adoption and better practices in today’s digitally-driven world.