French Commercial Exemption for Superyachts

The French Commercial Exemption is a set of regulations that apply to superyachts operating in French waters. This exemption requires that any yacht that spends more than 70% of its time in French waters must be registered for commercial use in France, regardless of its size or ownership status.

The French Commercial Exemption was introduced to ensure that superyachts operating in French waters comply with French labor laws and regulations, and to level the playing field for French-based commercial yacht operators. By requiring that all yachts operating in French waters comply with French commercial regulations, the French government is able to ensure that French maritime workers are protected and that yacht operators are held to a consistent set of standards.

To comply with the French Commercial Exemption, yachts must be registered for commercial use in France and comply with various French commercial regulations. This includes hiring a French captain and crew, obtaining a French commercial yacht registration (FRPY), and ensuring that the yacht complies with French safety and environmental regulations. The process of registering a yacht for commercial use in France can be complex and time-consuming, and it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced superyacht rental company to ensure compliance.

While the French Commercial Exemption can be challenging for yacht operators, it also offers a number of benefits. By complying with French commercial regulations, yachts are able to operate legally in French waters and provide guests with a high level of service and safety. Additionally, the French coastline offers some of the most stunning cruising destinations in the world, from the glittering beaches of the French Riviera to the quaint fishing villages of Brittany.

Overall, the French Commercial Exemption is an important regulation that helps to ensure that superyachts operating in French waters are subject to consistent standards and regulations. While compliance can be challenging, it is essential for yacht operators to work with knowledgeable and experienced prof